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A creditor must follow due process as prescribed by the laws of the state where the debtor resides. For a lien to be placed against real property the creditor must first sue the debtor, be awarded a judgment and enforce the judgment as a property lien.

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Q: Can a lien be placed on your personal property by a credit card company if the account is in arrears?
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My mother is 75 and is facing foreclosure on her property. She is concerned of what the mortgage company can seize of her personal property, especially her IRA, annuity and car. What are they legally allowed to take?

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It is legal as long as both accounts belong to the same person/company. If the owner of a company transfers cash from his business account to his business account it is legal. But, if his Personal Assistant does it from her boss's business account to her personal account, it is illegal.

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No, you cannot deposit a business check into a personal checking account. You can only deposit a check into an account that shares the same name, i.e. A check is made out to ABC company--it can only be deposited into an account that is titled ABC company. It cannot be deposited into a personal account--even if that is the personal account of the owner.

Can a tow company keep your personal property?

if it is impounded

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No. A company cannot have access to certain pieces of your personal information, including your personal checking account...

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They can't. A 401k is your personal property and is not supposed to be cashed in before you are 59-1/2 years of age. It is the same as your own personal savings account.

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Usually the owner of the property is the one that pays the property taxes on the owners property. Some time the mortgage company will pay them from a escrow account but the money that is in the escrow account comes from the property owners monthly payments.

Can the car company that repossessed your car keep your personal property in it?

No Way. Its Your Stuff !

Did Shakespeare own his costumes and scripts?

No, his company owned them. They were not Shakespeare's personal property.

Does insurance cover personal property lost in a car wreck?

Depends. If you are at fault, the other insurance company has to cover property loss. Personal property loss is most likely an option (not basic coverage) on your policy.

What is meant by history of arrears?

The term arrears may be mentioned in a credit report or by a company you owe money to. A history of arrears means you do not pay what you owe in a timely manner and are behind on payments.

How do you find out where your repossessed car is to reclaim your personal property in Indiana?

Call your finance company.

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If you default on a personal loan what personal property can be taken from you by the loan company?

Personal loan is Unsecured loan, that's Why none of the personal property taken by bank. Its happen only in Secured Loan.Answer & ClarificationThe lender can take you to court and obtain a judgment lien. Once they have the judgment lien they can take anything you have to satisfy the lien: your car; bank account; home; any real or personal property you own. Some creditors are very persistent and the debt grows very fast with interest and costs. Debt collectors can make your life miserable.

What is the meaning of nominal account and real account and personal account?

The account related to the individual firm , company,and institution is called personal account. THE account related to the things or properties of business organisation whose valuation can be done in terms of cash is called real account. the account related to the income , expenses,profit and gain is called nominal account. .

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They can deposit money into their personal bank account but they shouldn't. It will mix funds and accounting and taxes will be challenging. They can also be accused of wrongdoing.

Is Facebook hacked?

If you mean Facebook the company no. A personal account maybe. Your question is very broad.

What are the insurance policies that Farmer's Insurance company offers?

Homeowners, Rental Property, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Personal Auto, Life, Umbrella.

Is a escrow account required to open a property management company in Missouri?

Yes, it is illegal to comingle personal funds with business funds. See Missouri Law 20 CSR 2250-8.220 by the MREC for more information.

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Either remove it before the repo man takes the car or go to the repo company and ask if they set it aside. Some repo companies put all the belongings in a bag and set it aside for the owner. can a repo company charge me for retrieving my personal property and property that belongs to someone else?

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The key word is personal property. If it was fctory installed you may have to make a deal.

Can your loan company repossess your car if you are in arrears but are making payments?