Can a lien holder in the state of Florida foreclose on the property and how long does the lien holder have to do so?


I don't believe there is a statute of limitations on a lien that has been properly filed. Rules vary depending on the contract that allowed the lien to be filed on the property. Typically there is a waiting period defined.


The above is not correct if you are referring to improvements to residential property.

If the lien you are speaking of is the result of construction which improves your home in Florida you can be guided by F.S. 713 .22. Generally, the lien will last 1 year after the claim of lien is recorded. It will lapse after that period if no action is taken by the lienor to enforce the lien. An owner can shorten the time period if he chooses.

A lien holder of a properly recorded and perfected lien can sue to foreclose on the lien and force your property to be sold "on the courthouse steps".

If a claim of lien has been recorded against your property you should immediately seek the advice of a lawyer familiar with construction law in Florida.