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Of course not. The car has not been stolen. But guess who is going to have to make the payments if the primary lender does not. You the cosigner, that's who. I would suggest you talk to the person you cosigned the loan for. If I were going to have to make the payments I would for sure try to gain possession of the vehicle. This is the very reason cosigning is a bad idea.

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Think about it, the car was NOT in their possession, so how can they report it stolen? They cant. Its a CIVIL matter NOT criminal.

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Q: Can a lien holder report the car stolen for being behind in payments?
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Can you be charged with a stolen truck if you get behind on payments?

If they come to repossess it, and you claim to not know where it is, then the repossession agent will report it stolen. At that point, anyone found in possession of it is in possession of a stolen vehicle.

In California can a parent who cosigned report the car stolen if their child is behind in payments?

I am not sure it is possible but my only suggestion is to call your local Police Department and find out

Can a car dealer report your car stolen if you default on your payments?

yes they can rejester if your car is stolen or not. please dont try that but

What can i do if i am listed as a cosigner and my spouse took the car and left the state?

i would report it stolen. if the payments are made the loan company can and probably will come after you for the money. If you report it stolen to the cops you can at least report it to the insurance company and the loan company and that should remove your responsibility.

Can i report my car stolen in Texas if the person is hiding the car because she is not making her payments. now she has moved i have proof of ownership and a signed contract between us?

No. Contracts and not making payments is a matter for the CIVIL courts. Your car has not actually been stolen so no CRIMINAL offence has been committed and if you report it as stolen when you know it isn't, you will actually be committing a crime yourself.

Can a loan company turn a vehicle that is behind on payments into the police as stolen?

HECK NO, they have lots of legal remedies but that is not one of them.

Can a lender tell you that they have reported the car stolen and tell you just drive around and see what happens?

Only you, if the car is in your name, can report it stolen. So they are jacking you up to get their payments

Can you report a car stolen if you are the registered owner and your ex is not making payments and wont tell you where the car is?

ya its your car, your name is on the title and someone has taken it from you....i think i defined a stolen vehicle right there

If you've been late 8 weekly payments can the dealership report the car as stolen?

IF you are the REGISTERED OWNWER, NO. You cant steal your own car. They can REPO it.

How can you repossess a car when you are the sole lien holder on the title and there is no signed contract and the buyer has not made payments in six months in California?

So, if I'm getting this right, the car is slip and all. You call the police and report it stolen. Document all of the times you have tried to get it back, and have dates and times.

Can a buy here pay here auto dealer report the car stolen if you are behind on payments?

That will depend on your state laws. I have seen such an agreement here in Massachusetts, but I believe it is illegal and is an unfair act or practice in trade or commerce prohibited in most states and definitely in MA.

Can a lien holder report a vehicle stolen?

not really sure on this one but in order for the lien holder to have the vehicle in his/her posssision it had to be repossesed... and then it was stolen while it was in their possession then i would say yes.. but other wise cant really see a reason why the owner would not be the person that reports it to be stolen..... if in fact the car owner is deleinquent in payment and the car is reported stolen and the car owner goes to jail that is false imprisonment and you can sue..