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NOPE, only the state can garnish for CS or taxes. Some collector is trying to smoke you into paying or dont know the laws in SC.

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Q: Can a lienholder garnish your checking account in the state of South Carolina?
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Can collection agencies tap a personal bank account?

Yes! Creditors can garnish a personal checking account. As long as the creditor has the checking account info they can garnish a checking account.

Checking account with a bank that you also have credit card with Can they garnish your checking account without you knowing?


Can collection agencies garnish or seize your checking account?


Can a lawyer garnish a checking account?

With a court order, yes, they can.

Are there garnish bank accounts in South Carolina?

Yes, a creditor can garnish a bank account in South Carolina. The creditor will have to obtain a judgment from a court before a bank account can be garnished.

Can a credit card company garnish your checking account?

Not without a court order.

How can you garnish someone's checking account?

In most states is the lender receives a judgment against the borrower/debtor the judgment can be enforced as a bank account levy.

Can creditor garnish child support income from bank account?

The source of money is not the issue here, only that there is a checking account that can be garnished. It does not matter where the money came from.

Can joint checking accounts be garnished for credit card debt in Maryland?

under Maryland Law they cannot garnish funds from a Jointly held account unless the judgement was again both owners. They also cannot garnish retirement or escrow account

Can anyone garnish a checking account in the state of Florida?

My husband had co-signed for a car for his daughter over 7 years ago before I even ment him and the car was reposesed for non payment. The loan company came after my husband and a judgment was filed against him. Although he did not have his own checking account, we have a joint account. (I put him on my account after we married). Unbenounced to me, they went into my checking account seized it and took every penny I had. So yes..this does happen. Be carefull about who you have a joint checking account with, because It happend to me!

Can creditor garnish bank account with minor as beneficiary?

Yes. They cannot garnish the minor's account, however.

Can a car loan company garnish your checking account or your wages in the state of South Dakota?

If the judge awards that as a method of satisfying the terms of the loan, probably.

You live in AL can a attorney office garnish your checking account if they have not informed you?

In order to lawfully garnish your pay they either need the authority of a court order to your employer do so, or you must have agreed to it in some contract or agreement that you previously signed.

Can the state of Michigan garnish money out checking accounts for child support?

The State can place a lien on bank accounts and other assets. The lien freezes the account.

Can collection agencies garnish a pension in Pa that is direct deposite in a checking account if the pension is paid by PGBC a government program?

A collection agency can only garnish pensions in PA that is directed deposited in a checking about if the pension is paid by PGBC, a government program if the debtor has not filed an exemption. Typically, the debtor has 10 to 21 to file an exemption.

Can collectors garnish money from my spouse's bank account if i am not on the account?

They can if he/she is on the collections account.

Can creditors garnish my savings account?


Does Arkansas law allow checking account garnishment?

Yes, they do. Unfortunately, they will take every penny that is in your account, and they won't tell you before they do it either. All they have to have is a judgement against you. I was falsely informed that if my husband's name was on the account that they couldn't take money from the account, but that wasn't true either. They can garnish any account with your name on it, or with you as a co-signer. The smart thing to do is to take your money from the account and have your pay deposited into an account that doesn't have your name on it...someone you trust like your spouse or parents or child. They can garnish your pay as well, but only 25%.

You live in GA and you had an aparment complex garnishmed your pay already and they are tying to garnish your pay again?

Keep in mind that a creditor who has a judgment against you has the right to garnish your pay or checking account until the amount is satisfied. It is best to go to your local court clerk's office and file a motion to set payments.

What is a garnish order?

A garnish order is an order to confiscate part of a person's paycheck. Assets such as savings accounts, checking accounts, cars, and other assets can also be garnished.

Can a creditor garnish your wages in Pennsylvania?

No They can are in one of the safe states. Texas and North and South Carolina along with Pa are safe states that can not garnish wages.

Can a creditor garnish your bank account if joint with another person?


Can they garnish your paypal account?

If you have given your SSN to PayPal then the answer is Yes.

Can Colorado garnish child support from joint account?


A levy was lifted on the account now the creditor wants to garnish wages Can this be done?

Yes, a creditor can garnish wages even if a levy was lifted on the account. This would require a judgment and the court documents.