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Can a lying adulterous man ever change?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-07 18:26:03

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The basic rule is that past behavior is an indication of future behavior.

2006-09-07 18:26:03
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Q: Can a lying adulterous man ever change?
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What do you call a man who sleeps with many different married women?

An adulterous philanderer.

When is the pressure on the ground more-when man is lying or when man is standing explain?

When the man is standing. Pressure is defined as force divided by area. The force doesn't change in this case - the man basically weighs the same, whether he is standing or lying.

What do you call the man in an adulterous relationship?

I mean women are called mistresses.....what are men called?

What to do when a man is lying to you?

if a man is lying to you pressure him into telling you the truth. Talk yo me when you get this.

Who is the only man in the bible that Jesus didn't talk to?

The man who accused the adulterous woman. Christ responded to him by writing in the sand.

What are natural and man made changes?

A man made change would be the building of a pond where there was not one naturally. The natural change would be a low lying field that floods and forms a pond.

Was nnoah lying with a manwhen god spoke to him?

No he was not lying with a man.

How do you know if someone is lying about being a virgin?

How do you know if a man is lying to you about being a virgin?

Was there ever a man who gave birth?

There was, but it turned out to be a woman who had a sex-change... Other then that, No...

Which of these actions is an example of an indulgence?

A man pays a religious leader to forgive him for lying. [APEX]

How to trust a lying man who says he loves you?

if u kno he's lying, y trust him??

Did Aristotle believe in empirical science?

yes but NO but occasionaly. But then decided to change his mind to NO. but then he said YES but he was actually lying down when he said he was 'a man that loves a man'. But in he said that he does not believe in it but he does so he is an aristocrate.

Was pinoccio based on a man who got off on lying?


What to do about a man lying about calling you?

If you have some good evidence and you know that his lying to you, approach him and tell him what you have. Ask him why he needs to lie.

What actors and actresses appeared in Lying - 2007?

The cast of Lying - 2007 includes: Peter Ebsen as The man

How can you tell if a man is trying to change his behavior to be with you?

when he gets you flowers and is being sweeter than ever with you.

How can study make a man perfect?

No one, man nor woman, is or will ever be 'Perfect' ( depending on your definition of perfect ).No amount of studying can change that.

If a man says he is lying is what he says true or false?

He might be lying because he does not want to let you know he is telling the truth.

How can a married man leave a gay adulterous life behind him?

Adultery is a choice. Being gay is not. So be who you are. If they really loved you, they wouldn't care. The past is the past. Forget about it!

Who is ludacris going out with?

ludacris do not go out with tyra banks who ever said that they are freakin lying andd y'all don't need know who the sexy sexy man dating so mind your business

What is the fastest time to run a km or mile by a 13 year old?

2:11. that's how fast i can run a mile.Haha that is the fastest time to run a km ever man; you're lying!

If your man keeps on lying to you?

Tell him not to, and if he continues to then leave/break up with him.

What is the movie where only one man can lie in the world?

The Invention of Lying

Can a woman forgive a man for lying?

Yes,you can,but the best is also not to forget...

What was the one way the white man defeated the Indian?

Lying to him and killing him