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Yes. Only the testicles on the male have been removed, not the penis. Penetration will still happen, as the male dog can still maintain an erection. There is just no sperm production.

Indeed, neutered male dogs can maintain an erection, penetrate a female and actually achieve orgasm, and will "tie" with the female. Most neutered males are less interested in sex due to lowered testosterone levels, but still capable of all the actions. They simply do not produce sperm and cannot impregnate a female.


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He might try, it won't work and it may be stressful. It's better if you get them both fixed.

Yes, but if both males are "fixed" then its most likely they will lose intereest, but they will still probably fight for territorial reasons.

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Keep them separate in the house. Getting both fixed is really the only way.

Mine do that. If one or both aren't fixed it could be a sexual thing, but if they're fixed like mine then apparently it's related to dominance. The one who humps figures she is or should be the boss and is trying to tell your other dog that.

No, considering the hormones are taken out with the ovaries, they don't go into heat after being fixed. They may, however, hump other things to show their surrounders dominance, and yes this does go for both genders.

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Cats, unlike dogs, when they have been neutered do not try to mate.

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You get them fixed.Both male and female dogs can be fixed.If you don't want this to happen wellgood luck with the no puppy thingAlso:Girls are spayed and Males are neutered. If you do not want to have this procedure done, do not allow them to be around the other sex.

She is asserting her dominance over the other female. Pulling hair is a sign of dominance, therefore she is stating "Hey I'm in charge". Kind of like humping in dogs. The top female dog humps the other female in order to put herself in charge. If she is seriously hurting the other female rabbit, I suggest getting them both fixed if they are not.

It depends on their personalities. My "mixed pair" spat and carried on for a few weeks but now they coexist and play together. Both have been fixed, which has helped.

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