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Q: Can a man luck up like a dog during sexual intercourse?
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How does offspring form in sexual intecourse?

Answer A man and woman get together hopefully out of love, they have intercourse and during the intercourse, the man ejackulates inside the woman's vagina. In the sperm there are thousands of eggs that a man leaves inside the woman, she fertilizes them and with good luck, she gets pregnant and the couple concerned has a baby.

What is the difficulty in doing research on sexual expression?

The difficulty in doing research involving sex involves outright lies. For example: For years men claimed they had sexual intercourse 3 times a week. Women claimed they had sexual intercourse 2 times a week. Something was wrong. It is impossible for a man to have sexual intercourse without a woman also having sexual intercourse. A whole lot of lies were being told. With something like sexual expression, there is the question as to how much is sexual and how much is style. When every woman wears a bikini, are all being sexy or are they all just going swimming? When is a woman flirting and when is she simply being pleasant. It is hard to tell. Good luck with your project.

What to do to spice up your sexual relationship with your boyfriend?

I had the same problem. Try dressing up in different out fits and use props during ur sexual intercourse. It makes tings funner and much different. Also, there are sex books that have many geat ideas. Good luck!

You don't know when your next period is due you might be pregnant?

Wait 19 days after sexual intercourse to take HPT(home pregnancy test) good luck!

How long do you have to wait after you have intercourse during ovulation to find out if you have conceived?

ten days depending on the manufacturer of the urine test good luck joymaker RN

How can a girl make you ejaculate?

Stimulate your penis up until the point where it blows your cum. Stimulation can be achieved by rubbing, the female sucking on your penis, or sexual intercourse. Good luck on your adventure to try and cum!

What should you do if you are 14 and missed your period the last two months?

first, if you have had sexual intercourse, you very well could be pregnant. if you are very athletic, that could cause missed period. And last, the most common thing is stress. good luck!

What can I do to stop my ex from spreading herpes to LOTS of women or at least let these women know they need to be tested for herpes?

Short of removing your ex-partner's sexual organs, you do not have control over his actions. You can certainly warn women that you suspect have engaged in sexual intercourse with this fellow that they ought to consider STD testing. Good luck.

What is the fastest easiest and most reliable way to get pregnant?

You need to have unprotected sexual intercourse around the time of ovulation. Have a look at this website. People usually think of family planning as preventing pregnancy and of course that is the aim of this website, but if you turn the advice round and have intercourse when you are told NOT to then that should work. good luck

What is a clevland steamer?

The answer to this is quite simple, during intercourse, take a sh*t (drop your feces) on the individual's (hopefully a woman) and there you have it. THE CLEVLAND STEAMER! BTW i know you spell this (Cleveland Steamer) GOOD LUCK!

After taking the 5 day course of clomid what days should you having intercourse?

After taking clomid on days 5-9, intercourse should be done on days 12-16. Either you could have intercourse every day, or on days 12, 14, and 16. Good Luck!

If you think sexual thoughts about someone sometimes does this mean that you loved them in a sexual way or can it mean something else?

If these sexual thoughts are of someone of the same gender then you are in fact homosexual. Good luck. Not.

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