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Not legally.

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Q: Can a manager from a FSB bank close your account without notice due to an argument?
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Can a bank manager draw money from cc account without notice for loan?

I am not sure what you mean. A bank can not remove money from customers accounts except as detailed in the terms and conditions for having an account with the bank signed by the customer when opening the account or notified to the customer as a variation in terms and conditions.

Can a credit card company freeze your account with them without notice?

yes they can, if is up to them

Can your manager change your work hours without verbally informing you?

Yes, is the short answer. The manager can put a roster notice on a board with changed work hours on it, without telling you verbally. There are also many other ways of notifying you. It is usually reasonable for a manager to change work hours to suit the organization. Usually the manager in the interests of a happy workforce will try to fit in with workers' preferences but it is not always possible. Similarly, the manager may notify you in various ways. By letter, by a roster notice on a board, by email, by a message left on your phone or voicemail or to someone at your home. If the manager has given you enough notice of the change then there is probably not a lot you can do about it. If you did not get a verbal notice but you did get another notice which you didn't know about, then there is a problem with communication that you have to sort out with your manager.

Can a creditor close a revolving line of credit account without notice when the account has been in good standing?

Yes. If you have no balance due or outstanding charges.

Can a creditor take money from your savings account without prior notice or at all for that matter?

No. A Credit cannot take money from your savings account without giving you prior notice. But, if you have an electronic funds transfer arrangement (for loan repayment) or if you have given him your bank account check (Signed) then he will be able to take money from your account. In these 2 cases, he need not give you a notice because it is understood or rather assumed that you know that he is going to do it and since you have signed and approved the same another intimation is not required.

A demand deposit is an account in a commercial bank on which checks can be written and from which money can be withdrawn without any advance notice?

monetary policy

Schwartz and brothers llc?

It's a scam - notice that there's no defined "Job" description, no contact phone numbers, no website, and the "manager" only has a gmail account - no business would give their manager or any staff a Gmail or webmail account to work off - so unprofessional! This is one of the lamer attempts at scamming I have seen.

Is PSU Manager is a gazetted Officer?

since there is not a separate notice for their appointments PSU manager is not a gazetted officer.

How do the police freeze bank accounts?

In order to restrain a person from accessing the bank account the police can freeze the bank account. Without notice to the restrained party, an application to the Court ex parte is made, which when accepted will be used to freeze the account on intimating the bank.

Can you be evicted in 24 hours without a evition notice?

if you have lease, you cannot be evicted without an eviction notice,or notice to quit. If you do not have a lease you will need to deal with legal authorities on this.

Do banks automatically close an account if the owner dies?

No, bank has to give a notice to the hires of deceased depositor about his account detail. Then if notice not responded by the heirs, bank has right to clod it.

Sample letter for absent without notice?

Apology letter to boss for absent without notice & for not receiving cell phone

Can your employer dismiss you without giving you reasonable notice?

Yes, the employer can dismiss the employee without notice at certain cercumstaces. This can be for theft.

Can a bank close your checking account without notice due to a bankruptcy?

If a bank goes under, your checking account is insured, but they will no longer honor checks or provide any other services. It may take some time to get your money back.

What is the difference between a interest bearing checking account and a NOW account?

An interest bearing account can be allowed withdraws immediately, like a regular checking account. A NOW account generally requires a seven day notice before money can be withdrawn. So they're similar, only one requires a notice to get money out of.

Can a bank close your checking account without notice due to a personal bankruptcy?

well... idont know if its arule but it depends on the bank.some do and some dont.afterall some do so in my country

Can the insurance company take without notice 1000 from your bank account for clutch braking down through what they claim bad driving?

That depends on the terms of your insurance. But as a rule the answer would be No.

Do you get a warning if you get reported on stardoll?

Nope- but if you get too many reports in a small amount of time or 100 or something in a larger amount of time stardoll will ban your account without notice.

What is Notice of Lack of Prosecution?

It means that the ocurt has put the prosecution (or the plaintiff) on notice that they are failing to present a sufficient legal case against the other side in order to support their argument

Can a landlord change locks of commercial business owner without notice in Texas?

can a landlord change the locks on a commercial building without notice

Do jellyfish attack humans?

Yes. Without notice and without warning.

What are the advantages of having a 32 day notice account?

sex only

Can a vehicle be repossed without notice?

They usually are.

What is a 32-day call account?

is a kind of deposit account with an infinite term where the client must provide advance notice (call notice) to the bank before funds can be withdrawn. Notice periods offered can be different, in our case is 32 days before funds can be withdrawn.

Does jb in jls have a hotmail account?

no they don't have any account on hotmail or on facebook they all are fake so take no notice :)