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In the state of Florida a minor cannot have an auto insurance policy unless a parent signs for it. Usually if said minor lives with their parents they are usually just put on their parent's policy

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Yes, you can but its best to be under you parents policy...Since the price will be "Very High" since your under 18.

How can I find out if my decease father placed us on his life insurance. He remarried and his wife has not forwarded any documents to us

No, the finance company would simply refund any monies they charged you for forced placed insurance and your primary insurance company would be responsible for footing the bill.

No, there is no crime that can be placed on a child's record if they runaway in the state of Florida. The parents do have a choice to place the child in a juvenile facility though.

In order to find a trust with life insurance proceeds the trust must be named as the beneficiary of the insurance policy. Then the trust documents specify what the funds are used for that are in the trust. If there are other life insurance policies that are still active and have other individuals named as the beneficiaries then the money from those policies cannot be placed into the trust and will be paid directly to the current beneficiary listed with the insurance company. The trust will have no claim whatsoever on these policies. It could be that these policies had their beneficiary changed when the trust was set up and the trust is the current beneficiary of them as well and he just didn't put the change form in the policy. Whatever is on record with the insurance company will be the person that the benefits are paid to no matter what.

Generally, a homeowner's policy does cover losses of a limited amount of cash. The precise amount will be stated in the policy. The loss will be covered if the cause thereof was the result of an occurrence which is specified in the policy. Note, though, that there are some homeowner's policy forms that cover structural damage only. For the most part, they are policies issued by state-run entities that insure people who cannut obrain insurance in the private market. Such policies are also issued as "force-placed" policies by lenders that have not received proof of insurance from the borrower. They are placed on the property to protect the lender's interest in the property.

It depends on the type of the business and the type of insurance you are interested in, or in need of. As you know - there are many different insurance policies and you should take the time to learn them and to choose the right ones for your business. You should consult an insurance agent or broker, but ensure that he or she is duly licensed in your state and that the insurance company that you are placed with is authorized to transact business in your state. The latter two confirmations can be done by consulting or calling the state Department of Insurance.

The Florida Panther was placed on the endangered species list in 1967

start with the agency that placed you

They provided protections for African Americans. The policies increased their voting rights. Some of the policies placed African Americans in elected official positions in the South.

Florida laws state that political lawn signs are only legal when placed on private property. There are hefty fines that are charged if signs are placed in the state's right of way as this is considered illegal in Florida.

A quote is a price estimate for your consideration. A binder is evidence of coverage placed.

Bankers Insurance Company Ltd offer a variety of products and services. These include: creditor-placed homeowner insurance, manufactured housing homeowners insurance, debt protection insurance, etc.

Florida law requires vehicle operators to carry insurance. This applies to teenagers as well as adults. Parents of student drivers need to prepare for higher insurance rates once the child obtains his or her license. There are a few things parents can do to reduce this price hike. Adding the child to a policy that includes all types of protection is a good idea. Shopping on the Internet for a better deal is worth the time it takes. Making sure the insurance company knows in advance that a student driver will be using the family car is highly advised.Student Drivers Are High RiskIn Florida there are laws that prohibit teenage student drivers from operating a motor vehicle unless an adult is occupying the front passenger seat. While the student is in possession of a learner's permit the insurance companies generally do not raise premiums. But when the child obtains a driver's license he or she is automatically placed in a high-risk category. Statistics gathered by law enforcement and insurance boards in Florida confirm what most people already know. Teenage drivers are more likely to cause an accident resulting in property damage and personal injury. For this reason insurance rates are much higher for teen drivers. At the same time insurance companies are well aware that raising rates too far will result in an increase of uninsured youngsters on the roadways.Discounts Offered For Student Drivers In FloridaStudents who have excellent academic marks are often given a discount on insurance. Most insurance providers have obtained evidence that these kids are more mature and take the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle seriously. If the child has completed a driver education course or a defensive driving class while in the possession of a learner's permit, rates for insurance will perhaps be slightly less expensive.If the car used by the student driver is fully insured with collision, comprehensive and personal injury protection, insurance costs will still increase to some degree. The amount of liability insurance covering a new driver must meet the same minimum as for an adult. This means that personal injury protection and property damage protection carried by the parents must be extended to the teenage driver once he or she has obtained a driver's license.Combining All Insurance PoliciesIf all licensed drivers in the household are covered by the same insurance company the rates will likely decrease somewhat. Of course moving homeowner's or life insurance to the same provider is also a strategy worth investigating. Most importantly, Florida drivers should take advantage of online comparison sites that offer quotes from competing providers. This will not necessarily result in insurance rates for student drivers that are equal to what the parents once enjoyed but does offer the best chance of locating the lowest overall prices.

the Florida panther was placed on the endangered species list on march 26th 2006 in 1967.

Yes, as long as you have Canadian Insurance placed on the car and have a Canadian Insurance ID Card while it is in Canada. Your insurance broker can provide this to you.

Forced Placed insurance is the coverage obtained by your Lienholder when you fail to comply with the insurance required by your agreed finance note. Forced Placed coverage will not provide you with liability insurance that meets your states Financial Responsibility requirements, it only insures the lienholders interest. The terms of your finance contract will describe the required coverage. Failure to comply with the terms of your finance contract results in the lienholder obtaining it to protect their interest in the financed property.

Margaret Thatcher's fiscal policies helped people accumulate wealth without a large taxation placed on them. She was ideal for entrepreneurs but not everyone agreed with her legislature.

An insurance endorsement (also known as a rider) is a document that is attached to an insurance policy which modifies or changes the coverage provided in that policy. An example endorsement is one that is placed on homeowner's insurance which protects the homeowner from floods.

Your question to NOLHGA was forwarded to us for a response. Mutual Security Life Insurance Company was placed into liquidation by the Indiana Insurance Commissioner on December 6, 1991. All insurance policies that were in effect at that time were transferred to other insurance companies. However, there were no assets available for Mutual Security stockholders. Therefore, it is my understanding that the Mutual Security stock is worthless. The Mutual Security receivership closed on July 29, 2005.

If a parents rights have been terminated they cant get they're child back.

It is up to the health insurance policy and provider contracts that determine which detox center a person can go to. You have to call the insurance company to get placed in one and get approval for treatment.

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