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If she has custody of the kids. Legal custody.

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Q: Can a mother get a police officer and take children from father?
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If you have a verbally abusive step-father how do you get him taken out of the household and not the children?

Call the police station and speak to an officer about it. If the step-father is threatening the children he can be removed and not the children.

What did Pope Benedict's father do for a living?

His father was a police officer.

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What if mother and father lived together and the father kicks the mother out of the house and will not let mother take the baby?

You get the police involved and go to court and let the mother have time to spend wth the child.

Judge son is lawyer but lawyer father is a police then who is Judge?

His mother

Can a police officer come to a home where a minor child is in the home with the mother bc the dad said it was his visitation which is was not Police officer let dad take the child without speaking to?

This has to be confusing for the child. Take it up with the agency that governs your custody agreement tomorrow. It may be that the father had papers stating visitation rights and you were mistaken, otherwise police should not have come to your door. Hopefully you can smooth this process out so such a eventful exchange does not happen again.AnswerNo. The police officer had no right to act regarding the visitations. The father should have brought his claim that visitations were not being followed to the court that has jurisdiction over the case. The police officer should be reported. He was likely an acquaintance of the father.

What is an abbreviation for officer as in police officer?

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How can an unmarried mother get her child returned to her after the biological father not a legal father refuses to return the child to her mother after a visit?

In England and Wales - Phone the Police, it is kidnap.

In the USA you can address a police officer as 'Sir' 'Ma'am' or 'Officer' when you are talking to them so how do you address a French Police Officer when conversing with them?

"monsieur l'agent / monsieur" (for a male police officer, or "madame" for a female police officer, are the common ways to address police officers in French.

Can a mother bring kidnapping charges to a father if there isn't a court order?

As a married mother, no. As a single mother, though he has no legal right to retain the children, the police and the courts are beginning to view this as a civil rights issue that your rights are no greater than his to the children. I know as we we have been bring civil rights actions against them.

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The police force is the organisation A police officer is one person in the police force

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