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It would eventually :p


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It's just like why salt dissolves in water

it will dissolve into vinegar and gine out the bubbles of CO2

The acids in coke is the STUFF that makes the nail dissolve.

If you dipped your nail in a can of fresh coke for like 80 years maybe it can dissolve... a bit...

IT can dissolve a paper clip, but it cant dissolve meat or a nail.

It wont completely dissolve it but it will change the texture of the nail.

I dont know but im experimenting it

paint thinner or nail polish will do it

Yes but it will take time.

It is often stated that coke has enough acid to quickly dissolve a galvanized nail but in my science class I had a nail in coke for a complete school year and it had no effect other than to make it shiny.

acetone non polar and nail polish non polar

yes it will I've tried it

The main solvent used to dissolve nail polish is acetone. That is the main ingredient in most nail polish removers.

acetone, a major componant of nail varnish remover.

depends on what kind of pop

yes, it is just as strong as coke

Nail polish contains solvents to help the other ingredients suspend properly in the nail polish. It is these solvents that dissolve the Styrofoam.

1.) Go to the store. 2.) Buy nail polish remover. 3.) Use as directed on the label.

Nail polish remover (acetone) is not polar enough to dissove sodium chloride.

Can you clen flush two day's with water & vineger

It thins/ dissolves the nail varnish. If the nail varnish remover contains acetone it can also dissolve false nails. (I did write the last answer I just wasn't signed in)

Keratin is quite impervious to coca cola.

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