Can a narcissist complement someone to others?

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With genuine attachment to the words they are saying? No. But a narcissist can 'complement' someone they think of as 'special' or 'high status', (I.e., someone who is 'special' and 'unique' enough to understand 'special' and 'unique' them.) And a narcissist is capable of 'love-bombing' someone who is affiliated with someone who has 'crossed them' in some way such as causing narcissistic injury by pointing out reality to them in an effort to get the third party on their 'side.' Finally, narcissistic parents with multiple children typically have at least one 'golden child,' I.e., the child who they define as 'fine' because they meet the parent's emotional needs without question and without showing any needs of their own...The parent will sometimes lavish praise insincere praise on their 'golden child' to send a message to their other children and that message is this: 'See, I AM capable of being loving, just not to YOU.' Narcissistic parents also sometimes praise their children in public/around an audience. So yes, narcissists can show the behavior of complimenting someone else, but no, none of it is sincere...Like all of their actions it is a manipulation designed to ellicit a response in others, secure a resource for themselves, etc.
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