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Can a narcissist truly feel love for his children? Indeed, it is not possible. Not in the way "normal" humans interpret the word "love"... Based on my book "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" (c) 2007 Lidija Rangelovska Narcissus Publications ---- Would anyone like to elaborate on what love is,in the way normal humans interpret?. I think I am narcissistic, but perhaps I am wrong in perceiving the analogy between 'the story of Narcissus' and the way I relate(/do not relate) to another. I think it could be argued, only because I am narcissistic I could ask such a question as to elaborate on what love is in the normal way. So,if I should give my definition of love, 'Doing favors equals loving'. What all does one consider as favors?, it could be anything I guess, but all I think I know is 'that which is similar between myself and another', and 'the way another differs from myself similar to the way I differ from that other'. I relate to another when I see in them what I see in myself. Do self proclaimed non-narcissists think 'You relate to another without seeing in them what you see in yourself'? _________________________________________

Its true that a narcissist can not love in a normal way a parent loves his/her child.

From what I read and experienced (my father is a narcissist) they will only love at their own convenience. When they need that person they will love and do everything for them, but if they don't need them they are distant. This goes back to how everything only revolves around them. But in a way they only care about themselves.

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Q: Can a narcissist truly feel love for his children?
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Can a narcissist love?

I do not think that a narcissist is able to truly love, or show compassion or empathy. Perhaps because they did not feel loved as a child, so as to know how to love. I feel that children follow their parents' example. I feel that when a person is about to get married, that he/she should see the dynamics of the person's family before making a decision. These are just my thoughts, with some experience.

Can a narcissistic love their children?

A true narcissist can not love anyone but themself.

Can a narcissist truly feel love for his child?

No. I don't believe so. My own narcissistic sister drove her child away. She treated her terribly. She should never have been a mother. She was too twisted to be trusted with other lives.

What does love feel like to a narcissist?

No wonder this question hasn't been answered - it's a paradox. First off, a narcissist is unlikely to be looking at a site dedicated to narcissistic abuse. Secondly, narcissists only 'love' themselves!! So look up the meaning of narcissistic abuse and you'll see the meaning of love to a narcissist.

If a girl asks you why do you love her so much?

Tell her the truth and how you truly do feel about her.:)

If you love your self what are you?


Narcissist in love with a narcissist?

It's certainly possible. A narcissist may date another narcissist that is more selfish than they are to feel better about themselves. In turn say "i'm not as selfish as he/she is so that makes me above him/her). It's incredible and shocking the way people with this disorder think. It takes a lot of research to understand a narcissist.

How far along in a relationship should you tell a guy that you love him?

When you feel that you truly do, you should let him know how you feel.

What is the word that you feel for your children or friends that no matter what they do you will love them?

unconditional love

What are the signs the narcissist loves you?

I do not believe that a true diagnosed narcissist can love someone besides themselves. They can learn to mimic love and do things that we usually associate with love. I have seen them feel anger, envy and jealousy, but not love nor empathy or grief. Human emotions about another person! These feelings don't exist for them.

Is two months to soon to tell your boyfriend you love them?

there is no schedule of when it is ok to say or feel something in a relationship. If you truly feel that you are in love with the other person in your relationship then feel free to tell them.

Can a narcissist be in love?

Yes with themselves

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