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So long as the felon does not have uncontrolled access to the firearms, yes. That means they are either in someone's direct close possession or under lock. The felon may not have access to the keys or combination to the safe.

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Q: Can a non violent felon be in a home where firearms are locked in gun safe?
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Can a violent felon live in a home with guns in kansas?

no <><><> If they have direct access to firearms in the home, (such as an unlocked gun) no, they cannot.

If acovicted felon is living with a person with no convictions and having a concealed weapons licence Can the felon be charged with possession of a firearm if the other person has them in the home?

No, as long as the person with the firearms keeps them locked up when at home, and the person with the felony does not have access to them.

If your husband is convicted of a federal felony can you own a firearm?

You are not prohibited from owning firearms. However, there's a classic Catch-22 here - a convicted felon is not only prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms, but also from having access to them. If you have one in the home, whether it's kept locked up or not, he will be considered to have access to firearms.

Can a felon lconvicted of a non violent crime live in home of a gun owner in north carolina?

Federal law dictates that a felon may not own, purchase, possess, or be allowed access to firearms. Having them in a safe with a felon is your not does not guarantee that access can't be obtained, and the police could very determine that, by being in the home of a firearms owner, they do indeed have access. Whether the felony was of a violent nature or not makes no difference as far as the law is concerned.The law holds true not only for felons, but any convicted of a domestic violence offense, even if only a misdemeanor.So if you've got a felon looking to shack up with you, you're better advised not to allow it.

Can a felon live in the home with someone who owns a firearm in arkansas?

A felon may not purchases, possess, or be allowed access to firearms. Living in the same home as a felon is considered to be allowing the access, even if they are kept in a safe.

Can a police officer marry a felon in tx?

They can, but it's not a good career move for them. Not to mention they wouldn't be able to bring their service or backup weapon home, nor keep any firearms in their home, as a felon is prohibited from owning, possessing, or being allowed any access to firearms.

How far can a convicted felon be to a gun?

There is no set distance. Basically, a felon cannot have access to or control over a firearm.Added: For instance: You cannot live in the same home where there are firearms. Your spouse (with whom you live) may not have firearms - you cannot hang around with anyone who carries one, or be in a car where there are firearms.

Can a convicted felon have firearms in there home even if they aren't theres?

best to speak to someone in the prosecutor's office of your state

What is the sentence of a felon who gets caught with guns in his home?

In the US? Five years in Federal prison, no probation, no parole, IF he has access to the firearms.

What happens to a felon caught with firearms in home that don't belong to them in Texas?

Need more information on the circumstances of, ". . . being in a home that doesn't belong to them." Were you burglarizing it? Were you living there? Federal law prohibits felons from ever owning or POSSESSING firearms, and the courts have ruled that if you even reside in a home where there are firearms (whether youown them or not) then you are in POSSESSION of them, because you have unregulated access to them.

Can the wife of an ex felon own a gun?

That depends on the use of "ex-felon". If the husband was a convicted felon whose conviction was later overturned and their sentence reversed, then the husband is no longer a felon - that is an ex-felon. If the husband is a convicted felon who simply completed his sentence, that is not an ex-felon - that is a felon.In either case, the wife retains the right to own a firearm. However, doing so in the case of a felon husband may send her husband right back to prison - under federal law, a felon may not purchase, possess, or be given access to firearms. Having a firearm in the same home can be considered allowing a felon access to firearms, even if kept in a gun safe.

Can a convicted felon's wife own a gun?

Technically, yes, but storing it brings up a major issue... even in a gun safe, having a gun in the home of a felon can be considered allowing them access to firearms, which is a federal felony.