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What colors do pather chameleons change?

Panther chameleons are probably the most color vibrant breed of chameleon. They change almost every color.

Which reptiles change color?

Chameleons change color.

Do chameleons change color based on there sondroundins?

Myth: Chameleons change color to match their environment. Chameleons don't change color to match their environment. Rather, they change color as a response to mood, temperature, health, communication, and light.

Can chameleons change into any color?

Chameleons can change to any problem of colour.

Why does a chameleon's skin change color?

Chameleons change color based on excitement, temperature, climate change, health, or the presence of other chameleons. Sometimes the color change helps with camouflage but chameleons actually can't control their color change. It is determined by their skin chemicals.

How does the chameleon camoufage?

Chameleons camouflage by changing color, though that is not the only reason they change color. Chameleons change color with lighting, mood, and enviornment.

Can only male chameleons change colours?

No. Both male and female chameleons change color.

Are chameleons polychromatic because they can change color?

Yes. Chameleons are polychromatic because they can change color to match the trees, leaves, and ground around them.

How do some lizards change color?

Chameleons change color depending on the surroudings!

How do Chameleons change color?

it changes color when it stands on something

Do snakes change color to match where they are?

no but chameleons do

What do you call animals that can change color?


Why do chameleons show themselves?

Chameleons don't really change color on thier surroundings. They change color depending on thier mood and actions, how they feel.

What kind of lizards change colors?

Chameleons can change color.

What color does a chameleons skin change to when angry?

the color of a chameleon skin change into brown color when they are angry.

What is the effect of background on the color of a chameleon?

Chameleons do not change color to blend in, the change color according to their mood.

Do Chameleons eyes change color?

No, they will always be the same yellowish color.

Do all chameleons change color?

Yes, they all change color, it is part of their nature.They actually do.

What animal can change color to blend in with its surrounding?


What is a lizard that can change color?

Chameleons and Anole Lizards

What lizard can change color to match its surroudings?


How are chameleons amazing?

they change color for pete's sake!

Which colours do chameleons change into?

Chameleons have a great adaptation of changing to camouflauge with their environment. They can change into any color in their surrounding whenever they choose.

What is another special thing a panther chameleon can do besides its color changes?

Panther chameleons have a very low temperament so they are easy to handle and don't mind it as much as other chameleons. They can also hiss when angry or upset which is pretty cool. Hope this helps :]

Are chameleons green?

Chameleons are green when they are happy, but they can change color so they might not stay green for long.