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Yes, return to court and request that the restraining order be withdrawn.

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Q: Can a parent change her mind after filing a temporary restraining order against her son?
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Filing a restraining notice with American express?

What address do you file a restraining notice with American Express and Mastercard.

I am 17 years old and my dad is filing a restraining order against my boyfriend since I don't want it do I have any say in what is going to happen and if not how old do I have to be to get rid of it?

usually 18 years

Can a parent of a 16-year-old file a restraining order against her 19-year old girlfriend?

Yes, as long as its the parent thats filing, the child wouldn't be old enough

Husband is filing divorce wife has restraining order against him protecting wife and kids how can we reconcile marriage?

Husband will have to petition the judge who issued the restraining order against him to modify it to allow face-to-face contact in the presence of a marriage mediator. However, if the other party is adamant and does not wish mediation, it appears futile to petition the judge to order it, however you can always try. The judge who issued the restraining order will have to become involved since it is only he, who can modify it.

Can I get a Restraining order against a legal age boyfriend for my minor daughter in the state of MA?

I do not live in MA, but it is to my knowledge that if your daughter is still a minor and under your guardianship, you can file. As long as you have logical cause for the filing it shouldn't be a problem.

What are the disadvantages of electronic filing?

The disadvantages of electronic filing are:The speed accessCost of Installing systemElectronic failure can cause temporary suspension of business or permanent loss of data.

In Texas can a husband file for divorce and obtain a restraining order to kick out the wife and children?

As for the restraining order, it would probably depend on why you felt you needed the restraining order against her. Has she harmed or threatened to harm you? Or do you just want to be single again? As for the children, I can't see any judge giving you a restraining order against them, and may even let the wife take out a restraining order on you for trying to kick her and your innocent children out on the street. That could be considered child abuse, child endangerment or at the very least, neglect. As for filing for divorce, anyone can do that at any time. And keep in mind, you will have to pay child support whether you choose to visit your kids or not. Although, if they are your stepchildren, then you shouldn't have to pay child support on them but, depending on the laws in Texas, you may have to pay spousal support (alimony).

Does a restraining order cost anything?

No. Going to the Courthouse and filing a Restraining Order does not cost a dime. There are also great people (advocates) there who will assist you in the entire process- A-Z as it can be a frightening and confusing time. Please ask for these advocates if you are not contacted by one!

What if your ex boyfriend is making you go crazy?

If it becomes very serious to the point were he will not leave you alone I would suggest filing a restraining order.

Can you change your bankruptcy filing from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7?

can you change your filing from chapter 7 to chapter 13 ?

Can wife block estate settlement of husband?

She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.

Can you vacate a temporary custody order without an attorney?

It is possible to vacate a temporary custody order without an attorney by filing the paperwork with the court yourself. However, it is advisable to consult an attorney.

How do you file for statute of limitations?

You don't file for it. The statute of limitations can be a defense against someone filing against you. Your attorney would claim that the filing was not valid because the statute of limitations had passed.

What do you call the person you are filing a complaint against?

The 'Defendant'.

Can you change your bk filing?


How much is a restraining order in rice county?

Rice County WHAT STATE? Most court systems do not require any filing fee for such actions, and I suspect that your county doesn't either.

Can one collect unemployment while living in another state?

Yes, but you should report your temporary address to your filing state.

What is The 1st pleading filed in a civil lawsuit by a plaintiff called?

If you are filing the civil lawsuit against another party, you are filing a complaint.

Can a lawyer be liable for filing a fraudulent lawsuit against you?


How can you file a lawsuit against a casino?

Generally, filing a lawsuit against a casino is no different than filing against any other entity. It becomes tricky when the casino is on tribal lands. At that point, United States federal and state laws no longer apply. Each tribal casino will have their own procedures for filing a lawsuit, and should be contacted individually.

If I have a protective order and im trying to file for divorce can my spouse whom the restraining order is against fight the divorce?

You should pay for someone to serve him with divorce papers when you file , but if he does not sign, you will end up in court to get the divorce. There may be some requirements regarding the time between filing for divorce and the final decree. The argument will not be particularly about the restraining order, etc. but perhaps about child custody and visitation (if you have children) and that part may not be pleasant. If he is truly dangerous, you may want to consult with someone to get advice on how you should manage this.

How does a 37-year-old male go about getting a nationwide restraining order against his father forbidding contact with him or his friends?

The exact procedures for obtaining a restraining order will vary by state. You should contact your local court for the proper forms and procedures. Most states have procedures where you can apply for a harassment restraining order and most states should recognize the validity of the order. However, you can only file to protect yourself and your immediate family. Your friends will need to get their own orders. Restraining orders are issued by state courts they cannot enforce such orders outside of their jurisdiction. However, the Full Faith And Credit Federal Laws uphold restraining orders within the U.S. and it's commonwealths. Because states differ in the court where restraining petitions are filed, you need to contact the county court clerk for the correct venue and filing procedures. Generally a person makes an "ex-parte appearance" in court to receive a Temporary Protective/Restraining Order. After which, there will be an Order To Show Just Cause hearing, where all involved parties present evidence for why a permanent order should or should not be granted. An order can be granted for any length of time, from a few weeks to several years. To ensure the order remains in effect when changing residency to another state, the person should contact the court clerk in the new county once residency has been established. Each individual requesting a protective order must apply for it themselves, pursuant to the laws of the state.

Who initiates a civil case?

the plaintiff, that is the person filing the complaint against you.

Can you file a lawsuit against an online gambling site if they change the rules after 3 deposits and they give ways to circumvent US bank laws?

You can file a lawsuit against an online gambling site. But before filing a case please check out their terms and conditions properly.

Can you download a restraining order form?

No. In order to petition the court for a restraining order, you would need to file a motion, complaint or petition. While some clerks offer forms, these forms are generally available in the clerk's office. Call the local clerk to find out whether forms are available and whether any assistance is available to help with filing.