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At 17 a person can enlist with parents permission.

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Q: Can a parent sign up a minor for military?
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Do you need an id to get your belly button pierced?

no. but if your under the age of 16. you need a parent/guardian to sign for it. or you can piece it yourself

How would a step-parent be able to adopt a minor if the biological parent refuses to give up their rights?


What should you do if a parent sets up a Facebook Account for an underage minor?

Stupid question...underage and minor are the same thing. And a parent can do this for his/her child if that's what they wish. What you should do is mind your own business.

Who will rent to a minor?

If you're emancipated you should have the ability to rent, however it will be difficult because you will have no credit built up. If you are not emancipated, you will need a parent to co-sign given that the property allows under 18 renters.

Can a parent sign off on requirements in Boy Scouts?

It is up to the Scoutmaster.

In Arizona can a minor's parent pick up their paycheck without written authorization?

In Arizona, it is perfectly legal for a parent to pick up a minor's paycheck. Most companies will gladly hand over a minor employee's check to their parents. However, parents should not spend the check. This constitutes fraud.

Do girl have to sign up for the military?

doesn't matter but yes

Do you get a sign up bonus for military?

In some instances, yes.

Can a friend make an appointment themselves to get a physical for a work permit if their parent won't or hasn't taken the minor child?

It depends on your friend's age. If they are classed as an adult - they can make the appointment themselves. If they're still classed as a minor - then a parent or guardian must make the appointment for them.

When a male turns eight teen is it required to sign up for a military branch?

You are required to register with Selective Service, the organization that keeps track of military-aged men. You are not required to sign up for military service, and the US does not at present have a draft.

In Georgia can a minor child put her baby up for adoption?

Why would a child have a baby? Anyway, you have to be a parent to do this.

Can a trust which was set up by a parent for a minor child be revoked by that parent who set up the trust when the minor reaches adulthood without the added trustee's signature or approval?

no little to nothing can be done if you do not get the trustee's approval because it is intended for this individual so if you want to do something you need their permission