Can a past president run as a vice president?

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A past president can run as a Vice President even if he already served two terms as president. The 22nd Amendment says a person can only be elected president twice.
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Can a president run for vice president?

Someone who has been President can run for Vice President if he/she has not served two terms as President. Because the President is limited to two terms, and the Vice President must be eligible to become President, someone who has reached that term limit cannot become Vice President.

After a president served his two terms can he run for vice president?

No . No, he may not. To serve as vice president, one must be eligible to be president. The 22nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits presidents from serving more than two terms. Bill Clinton, for example, could not be Hillary Clinton's VP because he has already served two ( Full Answer )

Who was the first woman to run for vice president?

In 1884 Marietta (Lizzie Bell) Stow was the first woman candidate for vice president. She ran on The Equal Rights party ticket. Exactly, one-hundred years later, in 1984, Geraldine Ferraro was the first vice presidential candidate of a major party -- the Democratic Party.

Has a women ever run for vice president?

Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic Party Vice Presidential Nominee in 1984, and Sarah Palin was the Republican Party Vice Presidential Nominee in 2008.

Can a Vice President run for President after serving 2 terms?

Yes. The Constitution has no limitation to serving as Vice President... only President. That limitation is two elected terms or 10 years. As a recent example, Vice President Bush served for two full terms under Reagan before running and winning the Presidency. He also ran for a second term against C ( Full Answer )

Can a two-term US vice president run as a vice president for a third term?

It is unclear in the wording of the Twenty-Second Amendment to theConstitution could run for the vice president's position for threeterms. Its unclear because no one has ever attempted to do thisbefore and it hasn't been tested in court. Its omission indicatesthat it would be possible to do so.

When can a vice president run for office?

A candidate for vice president of the U.S. does not run separately. The VP candidate is selected as a running mate by the candidate for president, and they run as a team. Back in the beginning, they did run separately: the person with the most votes was president, and the one with the second most wa ( Full Answer )

Who running for democratic vice president?

If you are asking about the United States, in 2008, the Democratic candidate for Vice President was Joseph Biden, and the Republican was Sarah Palin. In 2012, the Democrat was again Mr. Biden, and the Republican was Paul Ryan. Since Barack Obama (Democrat) won both times, Joe Biden will serve his se ( Full Answer )

Can a vice president leave office and run for president?

A vice-president does not have to resign his office in order to run for President. Martin Van Buren, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, George H. W. Bush and Al Gore all ran for President while holding the office of vice-president.

Who is running for vice-president?

The two men who ran for Vice President were Joseph Biden (Democrat) and Paul Ryan (Republican). Since President Obama won re-election in 2012, and Joe Biden was his running-mate, Mr. Biden won a second term as Vice President.

How many terms can a vice president run for?

There is no term limit on Vice Presidents (at least in the US). However, the Vice President must be eligible to be President, so no one who has reached the limit of two terms as President may be Vice President.

Why did joe biden run for vice president?

Joe Biden was one of the contenders for the 1988 Democratic Party Presidential Nomination, which went to U. S. Senator from Massachusetts Michael Dukakis. Joe Biden was the Democratic Party Vice Presidential Nominee in 2008 and 2012. He was elected in 2008, and he is the forecasted winner of the ( Full Answer )

Who are vice presidents that have run for vice president and lost?

The following U. S. Vice Presidents lost a Vice Presidential Election: . John Tyler (1836) . Thomas A. Hendricks (1876) . Adlai Stevenson I (1900) . Charles W. Fairbanks (1916) . Charles Curtis (1932) . Walter Mondale (1980) . Dan Quayle (1992)

Did Alexander Hamilton ever run for President or Vice-President?

No. Alexander Hamilton served as the first Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington. He never campaigned for higher office, and probably had too many enemies to be a serious candidate, anyway. Many people mistakenly believe Hamilton didn't qualify to run for President because he wasn't a ( Full Answer )

Does the Vice President run the Senate or the House?

The vice president does not "run" the senate. However he is the president of the senate and can vote, if the senate vote is tied. In a way the senate majority leader can control the senate in that all bills can only reach the floor to be debated and voted on if he or she says so. Harry Reid, a democ ( Full Answer )

When did the president and the vice president start running on the same ticket?

The Twelfth Amendment, thanks to the election of 1800. The candidates for President and Vice-President cannot be from the same state, due to this Amendment: The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be ( Full Answer )

What sitting Vice-President has run against a sitting President?

This happened in 1800 when VP Thomas Jefferson ran against President John Adams. In those days the presidential candidate with the second most votes became vice president so Jefferson was the VP because he lost to Adams in 1792. Since then the Constitution has been amended so that the president an ( Full Answer )

If you were running for president can you choose your brother or sister to be vice president?

The presidential candidate really doesn't choose the person he runs with. He/she will choose a person who brings something to the ticket they need. It could be electors, experience, connections. If a brother or sister was within this format they could run with them, but the party convention votes fo ( Full Answer )

Did George Washington run for vice president?

No. Actually, when Washington was in his final term there was no "running" as we know it. Congress, not the voter, made the decision who would be President and Washington made it very clear he had done his duty and just wanted to go home/retire to take care of his plantation.

Did John Tyler vice president ever run for president?

There was no vice president while Tyler was the President. Tyler was himself the vice president and became president when Harrison died. In those days a vacancy in the vice presidency was not filled until the next presidential election.

Can a past president of the US be vice president?

The 22nd Amendment states that "No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of P ( Full Answer )

Can the president run with a different vice president in a re election?

yes they can.... i work for the government and i know this i am good friends with the president and it is a great pleasure to be launching this information....i am hapy to say that the answer is happily yes and you can ask me anything in the future about this . They can, and they have. Thomas J ( Full Answer )

Which president served without running for vice president?

Gerald Ford became Vice-president by appointment . He never ran for vice-president. Other Presidents who never ran for vice-president were Washington, Madison, Monroe, J.Q. Adams, Jackson, W. H. Harrison, Polk,Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Cleveland, B. Harrison, McKinle ( Full Answer )

Did Jesse Jackson run for vice president?

He campaigned for the 1984 Democratic Party Presidential Nomination, but it went to former Vice President Walter Mondale, and Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro as the first ever female major-party U. S. vice presidential candidate.

Who are the people who help the vice president and the president run America?

"The people" you are referring to would be the Federal Government, which is comprised of 1.8 million civilians, that number goes up even higher if you include the numbers of military members, which can also be considered to help 'run' America. Further, as is stated in our founding document, a Govern ( Full Answer )

Who runs senate if the Vice President is absent or becomes president?

In the absence of the U. S. Vice President, who is also the President of the Senate, the President pro tempore of the Senate presides over the Senate. According to tradition that started over 60 years ago, that person is the most senior Senator of the majority party of the Senate.

Who are the two people running for vice president?

In the 2012 election, the Democratic candidate was Joseph Biden, and the Republican candidate was Paul Ryan. Since the president (Barack Obama) was re-elected, so was his vice president, Joe Biden.

Can the president run for vice president after second term in office?

The 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that a Vice Presidential candidate must be eligible for the Presidency. Some people argue that that clause is not applicable to term limits. The opportunity to settle the debate in court has never come up.

Did a woman every run for president or a vice president?

Yes - several In 1872 - Victoria Woodhull ran with Frederick Douglas as a running partner. Bevla Lockwood ran several times in the 1880s. Actress Gracie Allen ran in 1940 as the "Surprise Party" and received got 42000 votes - "Everybody knows a woman is better than a man when it comes to introduc ( Full Answer )

Who is the running mate for vice president for President Obama?

President Obama's vice president is Joseph ("Joe") Biden. Back when Mr. Obama was a senator and running for president in 2008, he selected Mr. Biden, a fellow senator with a lot of experience in foreign policy. They ran together in 2008 and won; and they ran together in 2012 and won again.