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No! Adding additional venom to the body is not going to help in any way, it will just speed up the affects of the poison.

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Can a snake bite stun a person?


Can a person die from a snake bite?

not if it is a snake that when it bites you die right away but if it is a regular snake you will have to suck out the venom and then see what happens to the person

What to do if a snake chooses to bite you?

what to do if a snake choose to bite you

Last person to die from snake bite?

Satbeer singh kohli

Can you get rabies from blacksnake bite?

You do not get rabies from snake bite. Snake bite can be medical emergency.

Will a black snake bite?

Any snake will bite if it feels threatened.

Why would a cobra snake bite a person?

If they are cornered, stepped on or feel threatened.

How do you tell the difference between a spider bite and a snake bite?

A snake bite is a little wider apart than a spider bite.

Can pigs die from snake bites?

Yes, if the snake is poisonous and or the bite is deep, or no if the snake is not poisonous and the bite is just a small scratch-like bite.

Why do garter snakes try to bite people?

The same reason any snake will bite a person: it feels threatened. If a snake feels it cannot escape biting is often its only defense.

Do you bleed the wound in case of snake bite?

you may or may not bleed if a snake bite you

Will a snake bite kill a tiger?

It depends on the kind of snake. A nonvenomous snake bit won't. But a bite from a cobra might.

Snake bite first affects?

A snake bite first affects the blood stream and the area immediately around the bite. If the snake is venomous, a raised infected area may raise up around the bite.

Can a large garter snake bite?

Yes. A garter snake can bite, whether it is large or small.

Can I get a snake bite ring on the first placement?

Yes, you can get a snake bite ring on the first placement

When was Snake Bite Love created?

Snake Bite Love was created on 1998-03-10.

First aid of snake bite?

Treat the person for bleeding and attempt to identify the snake. Always seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How should first aid be given to a person who is a victim of snake bite?

Seductive dancing will cure it

How did the snake bite Cleopatra?

The snake bit her on the arm.

What is the name of the old movie where the man turns into a snake because of a snake bite?

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and it wasn't a snake bite it was injections of cobra venom.

Can a snake bite a cat?

Yes, a snake will bite anything it considers to be a threat, cats included.

is there poison in a garden snake bite?

There is no poison in the bite of a garden snake. This snake is actually known as the garter snake and is considered to be very helpful in controlling rodents and bugs in gardens.

Can a racer snake bite?

yes every snake can bite. any animal that has a mouth can bite. biting is one of the few defenses that a snake has and they usually only bite if they feel threatened. most snakes will try to flee prior to biting.

What does snake bites picercies mean?

well snake bite percings are two little holes on both bottom corners of your lip. Its called snake bite because it looks like a snake bite your lip. i hope that was good enough for you :).

What happens to your snake bite piercings when you grow older?

The best course of action is to never get a snake bite piercing.