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No, the person must apply for a student visa.

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Q: Can a person get into an MBA program with a tourist visa?
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When can a person begin studies to attain a MBA?

You can start your MBA program once you have completed your bachelors degree. There are set of standards which needs to be fulfilled before applying an MBA program. Generally there is an exam, almost always.

Which year MBA program started in India?

When started in mba program in india

What is the scope of MBA and what is the eligibility criteria?

The MBA a degree that demonstrates the person has a higher knowledge of business principles and concepts. Getting into a MBA program requires a high GPA and high scores on the GMAT.

What is the opportunity of job in usa after mba in inda?

You cannot get a US work visa with an MBA, it is considered a common degree

Is Undergraduate MBA is equal to graduate MBA?

An MBA is a Masters in Business Administration, which is a graduate program of study. Therefore there is no undergraduate MBA.

Would an online MBA program allow me to work around my schedule?

Many online MBA programs are flexible. You may wish to look for an "Executive MBA" program, which combines some in-person classes and some online coursework. Most state university systems offer some type of Executive MBA program and are generally more highly considered by employers than online-only degrees.

What is notable about the MBA program at Carnegie Mellon?

There are several different things that are notable about the MBA program at Carnegie Mellon. Some of these things are the structure of the program and the program start date.

What is a MBA bridge program?

Three years bachelor degree is not equivalent to four year bachelor degree, so in order to get admitted in MBA program in united states students are required to do MBA-bridge program and such course are rarely offered by the universities.But, still option is opened by the universities through the Three year MBA program. One year is what we call bridge program and another two year is regular MBA course.

Should I get a business degree if I plan on joining an MBA program?

The people who are most likely to get into an MBA program are ones who have work experience. If you try to get into an MBA program without any work experience, regardless of what your degree is in, you are likely to get turned down.

Is the homeopathic student eligible for MBA?

Yes homeopathic student is eligible for MBA program.

After 12th can we join the MBA?

No you cannot join MBA without doing Bachelors program ..

Why do you want to do MBA?

You opt MBA program in order to gain business knowledge and skills. MBA program is done in order to gain knowledge regarding private business operations and industry learning.

What classes does one need for a Stanford MBA degree?

"Basically you will need to complete the Stanford MBA program in order to obtain the MBA degree. The program itself seems to be ""tailor made"" to each student."

What is better MBA or M.teck?

Better mba is acquiring a "living knowledge"or a program of "working knowledge"

Is lovely professional university has lunched MBA program in Nepal?

you can do your MBA from' lovely distance 'in Nepal

Where can I do a MBA program?

you can find about <a href="">Top MBA Programs</a> on there for reference

Which university degrees will allow me to get visa in middle east you want to apply MBA?

Most University degrees will allow you to get a visa in the Middle East.

Is Colorado Technical University good for an online MBA program?

Colorado Tech does have an on-line MBA program. Check the Related Link below for more information.

What is the rank of the Troy University MBA program?

Troy University MBA program is ranked No. 128 in the nation. This ranking was completed by the US News & World Report.

Where can I go to get some information on best mbas?

An MBA is an advanced college degree program. If you want to know more about the prerequisites and benefits of an MBA program are, you could look at some college catalogs that offer an MBA degree.

Is it ok to take HR as a major in MBA?

That is one of many specialties that you can take within an MBA program.

Where do you go to get a MBA degree?

Most colleges and universities that offer graduate degrees offer an MBA program.

Want to MBA in HR after completing graduation what are the subjects?

Typically, if you are enrolling in an MBA program with a specialty, you are not going to have a choice on which courses to take. The program will be laid out for you, to include all the requirements necessary to complete the program.

How is the placement of tezpur university MBA program?


Rank of abes in up for MBA program?