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Most U.S. states prohibit a felon from obtaining an insurance license as well as most other professional licenses.

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Q: Can a person obtain an insurance license with a felony charge?
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Can you get an insurance license in Texas with a felony?

There are different types of insurance licenses and criteria vary by type. In some instances those with a felony cannot obtain a license and in other cases felony charges are not an issue.

Can a felon obtain an insurance license?

In my state it is not possible for a felon to be a licensed insurance producer, but it could depend on the laws of your state. In my state, if you are convicted of a felony after you already have a license, the license is automatically revoked.

Can you get life insurance with a felony?

Yes. You can still obtain life insurance with a felony on your record.

Can you obtain a business liquor license with a felony?


Can you obtain a Sora license in New Jersey with a felony?


Can you obtain a bar tending license with a felony on your record?


Do you have to add your kids to your insurance if they don't drive or have a license?

You need to supply the insurance company with their name, date of birth, and social security number when they turn 15 years old. They will not be charged until they are licensed. You also need to notify the insurance company when they obtain a learners license and give them the license number. Again, the insurance company will not charge a rate for them as a driver until the obtain a regular drivers license.

Can a person with a felony obtain a hunting license in pa?

Well, it probably depends on the type of felony that you have committed.

Can you obtain a New Jersey Real Estate License if you have a past felony?

no you cant

Can a convicted felony get a contractors license in Virginia?

no you can't obtain one in va

Can you obtain a driver's license in michiagan if your license in Fla is suspended and have a habitual charge?

Simple answer, no.

If you have a felony warrant in Maine can you obtain a Florida driver's license?

Hopefully not, but consult an attorney.

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