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no. they can not

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Q: Can a person spread aids soon after getting infected?
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Mosquitos spread malaria-can they also spread aids?

No not at all , as A.i.D.S. is not passed on this way. you will have to have contact with a infected person or have blood that is infected.

Can you get aids from an infected person that coughs in your face?

HIV is not spread by coughing. You get it from sex, needle sharing, or bith to an infected mother.

How a person gets infected with AIDS?

Receive it from an infected person.

Can you get hiv or aids from drinking from an infected person glass?

No you can not get HIV or AIDS from drinking from an infected person glass.

Can you spread AIDS by picking at scabs?

Potentially. AIDS is spread through infected blood, so if you pick at the scab enough to draw blood, that blood could infect another person.

Can a person who is infected with AIDS show no symptoms?

A person infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can show no symptoms. AIDS is the disease characterized by the symptoms.

Impact of HIV on an infected person?

Impact of hiv/aids on a infected person

Can you kiss a person who has HIV and AIDS?

You can kiss a person who has HIV and AIDS and not be infected.

By spit on penis can a person get infected by AIDS?

I guess that there is no possibility of you getting infected by a woman spitting on your penis because HIV in not transmitted by saliva.

What are 3 ways aids are spread?

HIV, the retrovirus that causes AIDS, is present in the semen, vaginal secretions, blood, breast milk, and in the amniotic fluid of an infected person. Contact with these fluids can cause a person to become infected with HIV. However, the saliva of an infected person is generally considered safe (unless contaminated with blood/the non-infected person has open wounds in their mouth).

How can a gay person get AIDS?

A gay person can get AIDS in exactly the same way that a straight person can get AIDS: by contracting the HIV virus, usually through sex with an infected person or by using infected needles.

How does aids spread through razors?

Well, if a person infected with AIDS cuts herself with a razor and doesn't clean it up by disinfection, the next person that cuts herself with the same razor can definitelly get AIDS, since aids also spreads through blood.

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