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Can a person with diabetes join the military?

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Unfortunately no. If you are already in the military there are options depending on your insulin dependency or lack thereof. A person will typically be medically discharged. You cannot join if it is a preexisting condition and will not even make it to MEPS.

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Can you join the coast guard if you are a diabetic?

A person with diabetes cannot enter any branch of the US military including the Coast Guard. It is sometimes possible to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary with diabetes.

Are you able to join the military if you have diabetes?

No you cannot. You automatically get disqualified.

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How young can a person be and join the military?

17 with a waiver

If a person has been in a mental hospital can they join the military?

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No, to join any branch of the United States Military you must be a citizen of the US.

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It would be extremely difficult because in the military, you need to deal with criticism and abuse.

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can you join fbi with type 1 diabetes?

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yes, go to the military base and then select join military career

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Get your gonorrhea treated, then join the military. Gonorrhea is a curable disease.

Are Muslim able to join the united stated military?

There is no reason why they can't join the military

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If you are asking this question may you should not join the Military.

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