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Can a plant grow if you water it pineapple juice?


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Probably not because Pineapple Juice is FULL of acid.

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The part of pineapple that you plant to grow pineapples is the the Pineapple Crown.

yes, apple juice does help grow a plant faster or does it?

The pineapple is the fruit of...a pineapple plant! The top of a pineapple can be removed from the fruit and rooted to produce a new plant.

No, there is not a big enough percentage of water in the juice. You must use water or the plant will die.

Chop the top of the pineapple. Dry it out a bit. Plant the top with leaves above ground. Water. Plant will grow. Pineapple will grow after flowering. This cycle is basically constant as long as you keep planting the pineapple heads.

I did this for my science fair and the plant given lemon juice grew more than the plant that was given distilled water. but dont know why it did grow more

How many years does it take to grow a pineapple

A plant grow UP but turns brown with water, i believe dies with orange juice, but with milk it doesnt grow taller it just stays green... i hate u

if you water a plant with milk, it will curdle at the bottom of the plant pot. if you water a plant with orange juice it will grow mold. sorry, these are the only answers i have for you(;

no but it will grow with my juice. do you want a sample ;)

In order to grow a pineapple, you have to plant one in the ground. As they grow, you have to weed them and water them. When it bears fruit, it's nothing more than a leafy stalk with a pineapple. Not a tree. So technically, yes, they do grow in the ground.

AnswerApple juice does NOT help plants grow.I did a science fair project on growing plants at diffrent concentrations of apple juice and NONE of them grew.Save your apple juice and water your plants with WATER!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea about orange juice, but I have heard that tea water i.e add tea in water for about 10-15 mins, helps plants grow faster.

No, it can not grow in Texas. The above answer is wrong, you can grow pineapple in Texas. You have to plant them in a planter so you can take them inside if it gets cold. If you buy a pineapple at the supermarket make sure it isn't over ripe. When you get it home grab the pineapple by the leaves and the stock and twist of the leaves. You can plant that part and it should grow.

Yes a plant can grow in water! Yes a plant can grow in water! Yes a plant can grow in water!

well, i would think so........... pineapples grow on trees...... ithink No pineapples do not grow on trees. They grow on a small plant which can be grown from the top of a pineapple. They take approx 15 months to produce.

Yes it will because orange juice has either Vitamin C or Vitamin D. But first water it with water until it starts growing then switch from water to orange juice.

It is not going to grow because it needs fresh water

No, I don't think orange juice can grow a plant. The only way to grow a plant from orange juice would be to extract DNA from the juice and cultivate it, possibly, and that might be more difficult than it was to type it. it might because the pulp

Neither, just use plain water.

it may grow because it contains water ..but it may not as it also containc citric acid .

Yes you can the plant may not begin to grow later but it will you may want to use less acidy kinds of juice avoid orange juice

They grow in the centre of a plant which has leaves like the pineapple top.

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