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for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains suppliesIf you can get electricity to the thing, it doesn't care if it went through a switch first. If you are replacing an existing ceiling fixture, just cut off the plug and connect the wires directly to the switch leg and ground in the old box. Make sure the chain is shorter than the cord so the lamp is not pulling on the splice.




If you do this work yourself, always turn off the powerat the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND always use a meter or voltage indicator to insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

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Q: Can a plug in type swag light fixture be converted to operate off of the electrical wall switch?
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What is converted when a light switch is turned on?

Electrical energy is converted into heat and light energy.

When you switch on the fan electrical energy is converted into what?

machanical energy

How do you add a wall switch?

An electrical supply must be accessed and a wire fished to the fixture box. Do not attempt unless you are knowledgeable in electrical matters.

How do you install a pull chain switch in a fluorescent light fixture?

You have both a mechanical and electrical issue. From a mechanical standpoint you need the switch mounted securely in the fixture. The switch will have two black wires or two terminals. You need to insert the switch in series with the black wire going to the fixture. Let's say that the black wire from a supply is connected to the black wire in the fixture with a wirenut. Undo the two wires and connect each wire to a wire on the switch.

What are some examples of a tee joint in the electrical trade?

A tee joint in the electrical trade is a conduit fitting. It is used in conduit work where there needs to be a device connected into the main conduit run. An example of this is where a light switch needs to be installed into the conduit run. The main conduit run starts at the distribution panel and proceeds to a lighting fixture. On the way a switch is needed to operate the light fixture. In the main conduit run a tee fitting is installed so as to pick up the switch for the fixture. When the conduit system is complete the wire is then drawn in. The "hot" conductor is pulled to the tee fitting and then diverts to the switch box to pick up the switch and then back up the same conduit to the tee fitting and then on to the lighting fixture. Splices are not usually made in tee fittings.

How do you wire a switch to an electrical fixture?

Going for the switch to the fixture; there should be a "switch leg" colors will be orange yellow brown or purple purple is normally a travler but you never know :P Hook up the hot ie black red or blue to one side of switch and the "switch leg to the other side of the switch that's it for that...Now at the fixture there will be the same color switch leg where you will hook up the power to the actual fixture there will be two or three wires coming out of fixture hook white to white and whatever color your switch leg is to the black coming out of fixture and ground to ground if so used the ground will be green in no ground going back down to the switch then on the mounting bracket there should be a green painted screw strip the green wire out of fixture rap it around the green screw and then tighten it down and there your hooked up!!

What will happen when thermoplastics used for electrical switch?

Nothing will happen to the switch. If you are talking about switching the conductive parts of a switch with thermoplastic parts then the switch will not operate as the manufacturer designed it to.

Can you describe a situation where a series circuit could be used to operate an electrical device?

Every time that you turn on a light with a switch would be a situation where a series circuit could be used to operate an electrical device.

What is a key less light fixture?

It just holds the bulb, does not have a switch in the fixture.

How do you wire a 220 volts light?

The light is wired the same as any voltage fixture. Bring the source voltage to the fixture and connect it to the two fixture wires. If you want to control the off-on of the fixture take the source voltage to a switch first and then out of the switch to the light fixture.

How can you install a pull chain or other on off switch on a hardwired fixture to replace a wall light fixture that has not wall switch?


Can you connect a wall switch and a light fixture to an existing light fixture?

If the question is, can I wire a switch to an existing light fixture (and I must assume that it's something like a pull-chain light fixture), the answer is yes.If the question is, "how do I wire a switch to an existing light fixture that has no external switch", the answer is, "in series".The attached web site gives simple instructions on how to wire a basic light switch to an existing light.See sources and related links below

What are switched loads?

A switched load is an electrical load that has a switch ahead of it. This allows the load to be isolated from the electrical source. It could be a safety switch used for isolating machinery when maintenance needs to be done. A lighting fixture in your house could be classed as a switched load.

How can you power a second switch to operate another light separately from the original light power source?

well, it's not a requirement, but traditionally a single light on a single switch has hot, neutral and ground brought directly to the light fixture from the panel. this circuit is called the home run. the hot is then run to the switch and back to the light as switched hot, which is used to feed the light. in order to add a second switched light fixture on a separate switch, you could pick up hot, neutral and ground at the first light fixture and carry it in another circuit to the second light fixture (traditionally) OR to the second light switch directly, whichever is easier. if you carried the hot/neutral/ground to the second light fixture, you would then circuit hot and switched hot to/from the second switch. if you carried hot/neutral/ground directly to the second switch, you would have to switch the hot and carry switched hot/neutral/ground to the second light. the same is true if the first switch has the home run, only you would add a circuit from the first switch to the second light fixture (or switch) instead of from the first light fixture.

How do you hookup a switch leg from one switch to a second one?

Why, if you need two switches to operate one fixture,you install two three way switches, the switch comes with a wiring diagram. You will also need to wire with 12/3wgr, this has 4 wires.

Can a pull chain light switch be converted to wall switch?

The pull chain on the porcelain light fixture can be converted to a wall switch very easily. You will need to install a new two wire #14 cable from the box the fixture is mounted to now to the new wall switch box. Remove the power to the circuit by shutting that circuit's breaker off. The wire that is connected to the switch in the light fixture is the incoming "hot" wire. Disconnect it and re connect it to the black wire that goes down to the switch. Disconnect the white wire from the old porcelain fixture. For the installation of the porcelain fixture connect the white wire to the silver screw on the new fixture. Now connect the white wire that returns from the switch to the brass coloured screw on the new fixture. Mark this white wire with a small piece of black electrical tape to re identify it as not a neutral (code rule) but a potential "hot" wire. At the switch end make sure that the black wire is connected to the top screw and the re identified white wire (with a black tape marker) is connected to the bottom screw of the switch. Connect the ground wire in the cable to the new switch box and the existing fixture box. Install the switch making sure that the switch is in the off position and that the handle in facing downwards. Install switch plate cover, turn the breaker back on and you are finished. This project is relatively easy to do if there is already an existing wall box close to the pull-chain switch BUT ONLY if it already has the right wiring in it.If there is no such wall box then a new one will have to be installed and wired. If you already know how to do that safely you would not be asking this question here!For some relevant information, please see the related question below about replacing a wall switch by a pull switch. As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

How do you install pull chain switch into existing Fluorescent lamp?

Installing a pull chain switch into an existing fluorescent lamp includes both mechanical and electrical issues. One has to change the wires and the switch mounts to have the two be compatible within the same fixture.

Why doesn't the starter operate when the key is turned on a Pontiac?

It could be starter, battery, keyswitch, neutral lockout switch or electrical connections.

How do you connect an ON-OFF switch to control the light?

To control a light with a switch, the switch has to be connected in series with the light fixture.

How do you wire in a pull chain switch in a bathroom light fixture?

If you are adding the pull chain to an existing fixture then the pull chain switch should have two wires. Wire nut either one to the hot wire coming in and the other to the black wire of the fixture.

How can you install a pull chain or other on-off switch on a hardwired fixture to replace a wall light fixture that has not wall switch?

The device that holds a light bulb is called a keyed lampholder or a pull chain lampholder. These have the switch built into the base of the holder and have switch that looks like a key or a pull chain to operate the switch. Wire the continuous "hot' wire to the brass screw on the lamp holder (the other side of the switch is attached to the light socket at the factory). The neutral white wire will go onto the silver screw terminal. See related link below for some examples. There also pull-chain and other "canopy" switches that you could, in theory, install in an existing light fixture. However, it would almost certainly violate any UL or other safety listing on that fixture, perhaps causing problems with your inspector or insurance.

How to Replace an Exterior Light Fixture?

How to Replace an Exterior Light FixtureReplacing an exterior light fixture is not difficult at all and you can do it even if you have limited electrical experience.Cutting the PowerBefore you do any electrical work of any kind, you will need to cut the power at the home's electrical circuit box. Go back to the light switch and turn it on to make sure there is no power. If you want to be extra safe you can even use an electrical tester to double check.Replacing the FixtureMost light fixtures will require a simple screw driver to install and uninstall them. Remove the mounting screws hold the fixture in place and allow it to hang by the wire connections. Unscrew the wire nuts holding the two wires together and remove the old fixture. The new fixture goes on the same way by connecting the like colored wires using the wire nuts. Unless the old wire nuts are in excellent condition, use new wires nuts, especially if they come prepackaged with the new fixture. Place all connected wire and wire nuts back into the electrical box mounted inside the wall. Install any new mounting brackets needed for the new fixture and secure the fixture to the mounting brackets using a screw driver. Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker box and test your new fixture connection.

Does a light fixture still use energy if the switch is on but no bulb in socket?


What is the importance of an electrical switch?

It allow you to disconnect power to an electrical device with the flip of a switch.

What is a 3 way switch?

A three way switch is a switch that is used in a lighting circuit that allows the light fixture to be turned on from three separate locations within the building. In electrical terminology this switch is also referred to as a SPST, Single Pole Single Throw switch. The switch has three individual terminals of which two are always connected. These switches are usually located at the far extremes of the circuit with an intermediate switch between them. This intermediate switch is referred to an a four way switch.