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Can a plus-sized woman find true love?

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βˆ™ 2013-05-25 17:34:38

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Of course she can. It doesn't matter what size a woman is, her true love is out there. You bet large women can find true love. A lot of men just think big is more to love.

2013-05-25 17:34:38
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Who should you love more?

Anyone you are in love with. True love cannot be messed with, and you should find the man/woman you are in love with more and fall in love with him/her an embrace that. No one can come between true love. :) <3

True love marriage?

see the answer of ... = What is True love in marriage of man and woman? =

Is the Virgo woman that are single will they find true love this year?

only if hes not a virgo too

Why cant you find true love?

if you want to find true love then first you must find God he is the only one who can show you how to love yourself and then he will show you where and how to find your true love if you want to find true love then first you must find God he is the only one who can show you how to love yourself and then he will show you where and how to find your true love

What is the secret of finding your true love?

there is no secret let true love find you ASR2: The trick is to live your life and strive for success, and along the way you"ll find a woman doing the same thing.

Will I find true love in 2016?

will I find true love in 2016

Will you find true love somewhere?

True love will find you anywhere someday without you searching for it.

Can you find true love on earth?

there is no true love sorry girls

Is there such thing a true love?

There is but true love is very hard to find

Is true love easy to find?

True love is easy to find? Answer No, it is not. Never go looking for love because you will never find it. You have to let love find you and it will someday you just have to have patience.

What is the answer of true love?

Listen to your heart, and go where it leads you True love is when you love them more then life it self. True love will find its way to everyone, whether they try to find it, wait for it, or run from it

Is romantic love true love?

Romantic love does not always mean that the love is true. Some men will try to be romantic to simply get a woman in bed. Of course there are those men in the world that are romantic and there love is true.

How do you find true love and how does it happen?

Its very hard to find a true love.........................everyone betrays each other.

Is all love true love?

It's extremely hard to find true love, so most love won't be. When you do find true love, you'll know it in your heart and soul. Consider yourself very lucky if you do!

How does girl make a research of a true Love?

If true love should find you, you will know what to do. I'm not sure what your question is but in my opinion if you search for true love you will not find it. It happens when you least expect it.

How can you find your true love?

Answer Don't look. It will find you.

How you can find your true love?

the way you can find your true love is easy just be your self do what you do every day and then one day he/she will come to you

Do people ever find true love?

yes indeed they do but it can end quickly when people cheat or find another true love

How do you find your true love?

You can find your true love by looking at the obvious. There are so many guys out there that you wouldn't know who to look for but i will tell you how. you find by looking at the guy you like if he bites an apple sexily than he is your guy if not than he is some other guy that you don't belong to

How do you you find true love?

I don't think you will find it if you look. It will find you.

Could you find true love with family?

You can find true love with anyone. All that matters is that you make the relationship work and your happy together.

How can i found my true love?

A person can't just go out and find their true love. A persons true love will just show up when least expected.

Is it possible to find true love after the age of 40?

Yes, true love knows no bounds (limits)

Does alex find his true love?

yes, if he tries hard enough ! and knows what really true love is...

How do you find a woman to love?

tip #1 go out more! go to clubs with friends or something, meet new girls! tip #2 be very patient, you will know it when you found true love