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Can a pokewalker connect to Pokemon Platinum?

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NO The Pokewalker was made especially and only for SoulSilver and HeartGold, so the only way you could walk a Pokemon from your Platinum game is if you traded that Pokemon to SoulSilver\HeartGold and then transfer it onto the Pokewalker

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How do you put Pokemon in the pokewalker in platinum?

You can't put a Pokemon in the pokewalker in Pokemon platinum, as the pokewalker was designed for only Pokemon Heartgold & Soulsilver.

How do you connect the pokewalker to Pokemon soulsilver silver?

first you go on the menu where it says connect to pokewalker then if you have any Pokemon in your p.o box ( Pokemon centre box) chose one and press connect (on the pokewalker) then it says conecting to pokewalker then it should be done.....

How do you put Pokemon on the pokewalker?

Its a Simple Question go to the main menu of the game and press connect to pokewalker and then press go for a stroll then choose one Pokemon from your PC and press connect on the pokewalker the Pokemon will be sent to your pokewalker

How do you transfer Pokemon from the pokewalker to the ds?

You turn on you pokewalker and your ds or whatever then at the menu of your game you press connect to pokewalker... you then press return from stroll... connect the pokewalker to your ds and wait until your Pokemon is on your ds screen...

How do you connect Pokemon walker heartgold to dsi instructions lost?

go to "connect to pokewalker" on ds press "go for a stroll" select your pokemon when the ds says "connecting to pokewalker" press "connect" on pokewalker (make sure the pokewalker is upsidedown, top facing the game cartrage)

When can you connect your pokewalker?

once you put a Pokemon in the PC

Get a Pokemon out of the pokewalker?

go to your heartgold or soulsilver main menu and you'll see connect to pokewalker. you can retrieve it from there by pointing your pokewalker at your ds.

How do you take your Pokemon out of the pokewalker?

inthe main menu, select the connect to pokewalker. then chose return from stroll

Pokemon soul silver how to reset the pokewalker?

go to connect pokewalker and hold up B and select

How do you connect pokewalker to an r4?

The pokewalker will only connect via Pokemon HG/SS. You'll be able to run Pokemon with the R4, but since the R4 is out of date it probably won't work.

I started a new game on soul silver how do I connect to the pokewalker?

When you start soul sliver press pokewalker and choose you Pokemon and connect it to you ds then Wala!

How do you register the pokewalker to your game?

It can only connect with Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon SoulSilver. You go to where you see your game file and then find the 'pokewalker' option.

Is Rotom on the pokewalker?

No, you can only trade it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Can the pokewalker be used on Pokemon platinum?

no I can be only used for Heart and Silver

In SoulSilver when can you use the pokewalker?

As soon as you deposit a Pokemon in your PC Box. then when you start the game after the menu, you will see connect to pokewalker and you can choose one of the Pokemon in your PC box to send to your pokewalker.

Is the pokewalker compatible with Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum?

Unfortunately, no. You can only use the pokewalker with Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

How do you walk Pokemon on HeartGold?

They must simply be the first Pokemon in your party of six pokemon. If you're talking about the PokeWalker, there is a "Connect to Pokewalker." Button right next to "Continue" and "New Game."

How does one transfer Pokemon from heart gold to a pokewalker?

Put the Pokemon into your PC box, save the game, restart the DS, and on the main menu choose "Connect to pokewalker"

Pokewalker code to get Pokemon back?

You go to the main menu and press connect to pokewalker on your game then you press on the pokewalker options screen return from a stroll now if you pokewalker is lost/broken press up+Select+R and your Pokemon will be sent back to your PC

How do you get ride of a Pokemon on a Pokewalker?

You get on Pokemon Soulsilver and choose the option Connect to Pokewalker. Then, you choose Return from Scroll. To get rid of items you've acquired or Pokemon you've caught you choose Receive Gifts.

If you have connected to pokewalker one time can you connect again?

yes, just go the main menu and select "connect to pokewalker" you can go for a stroll, get the Pokemon and items from a stroll, or return from a stroll.

How do you use the pokewalker in Pokemon HeartGold?

after you hit start there will be three options. One resume your game. Two restart the game. And three connect to pokewalker. [you can only connect to the pokewalker after you have started the game and reached the first town with a PC. Also the Pokemon you want on it. Only 1. put in a PC box.] :)

How do you send Pokemon in a pokewalker?

well put the Pokemon in your box, then save and go back to the game starting menu and go down to "connect to pokewalker" and (ill skip a part its kinda obvious) put the pokewalker in front of the ds with the sensor on both the game chip and the 'walker and click connect on both.

The Pokewalker can I put Pokemon on them and transfer them to HG from Platinum and also can I transfer Pokemon from Platinum to Diamond instead of having two Ds.?

probably not i would think that the pokewalker would only work on heart gold and soul silver ( i have 2 ds`s and platinum/diamond and i will get heart gold)

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