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if they have you in custody, yes they can

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Q: Can a police officer force a runaway in Washington state to return home to the state they are from?
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Can a police officer force a runaway in Illinois to return home to the state they are from?

Maybe not a police officer but the Childrens Services may.

Can a police officer force you to go home in Washington state?

Generally, police have no authority to force someone go home. Exceptions include: Juvenile is a reported runaway (return to parent/guardian); Juvenile is absent from school (truancy).

In Missouri can the police force a 15 year old runaway return home if the minor has a safe place to live?

The parents can request the police to return the runaway to their home.

Can a police officer force a runaway to go home in Florida if the runaway is found at a friends house?

Yes I believe under Florida State law the officer can compel the runaway, using force where necessary, to ensure the runaway is returned to their place of abode. Failing that they can if required shoot the runaway dead and return the rotting corpse to the parents driveway for decent burial.

Can the police help your parents if you move out?

Yes, the police will assist you parents in finding you. You will be listed as a runaway. If they find you they will return you home.

How do you get a seventeen year old home who left without permission?

Report them as a runaway and ask the police to return him home.

What actions will be taken by the state of if a 17 year old refuses to return home?

Depends on the state. You can be reported as a runaway and the police will bring you back. Anyone who have helped you can be charged with aiding a runaway.

What is the law relating to a 17-year-old who runs away in Alabama?

If you are a minor (under 18) you are a runaway and the police will return you home.

What can you ask police?

You can ask a police officer any question that you'd like, although I'd recommend you be polite and respectful when doing so. The police officer, in return, may refuse to answer any question that they'd like.

Does a 16 year old have rights to live with their friends in Nova Scotia?

No, they must have permission from their parents. Otherwise they are a runaway and the police can return them to their home.

If a police officer runs your license plates will it show if you have a license?

No. Not by only running the license plate. However, the registerd owner(s) will be on the return the Officer gets. The Officer can then use that information to check for a license on the person listed on the return.

Can a police officer make a 17 year old return home in Maine?

Seventeen is not the same age as eighteen. Until you are an adult, they can return you to your parents.

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