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Can a pool with a liner be converted to a gunite pool?


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2015-07-15 18:47:33
2015-07-15 18:47:33

Yes. You will lose an average of one foot on each side of the pool because of the thickness of the gunite wall. My recommendation is to check the referrences of the contractor. Make sure they've done this kind of work before, and ask to see one, or more, of their conversions. Also, the costs involved are about the same as having a new pool installed... you're not saving a significant amount of money just because you already have the hole in the ground. Good Luck.


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As long as the vinyl liner pool is inground, it can be converted. But you'll probably have to remove all of the vinyl pool elements until you have reduced the pool to a big hole in the ground and then start from there. All it takes is time and money!

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You can use the same hole in the ground for both a vinyl liner pool and a gunite pool. You should not need a new hole dug.

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Its a oval shape pool, 19,3'X43' size, 4' deep at one end, after 12' slopes down to 10' deep.

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It is best if you do so that the water can circulate and so that the granular chlorine does not sit on a liner pool cause it will discolor the liner. With a gunite pool it can cause bleaching spots. It is not necessary though.

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