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Q: Can a portable radio transmission effect a gas turbine V94.2 vibration sensor and give a spike?
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What is effect on turbine generator if frequency is high or low?

turbine will trip

What will increase the effect of alcohol and drugs when boating?


What is reheat factor in stean turbine?

The reheat factor in the steam turbine refers to the Thermodynamic effect on the turbine efficiency. Others factors includes the cumulative heat, and the steam turbine condition curve.

Does the car battery effect the transmission?

Not if it is a manual transmission. And it's "AFFECT" not "Effect"

What is the effect on a steam turbine if the system is running in under frequency?

It results in reduced ventilation and affect the turbine more than the generator.

What is the effect of infrared energy on matter?

It increases the vibration of chemical bonds.

What is the effect of cracked diaphragm in transmission?

The effect of a cracked diaphram in transmission is that it reduces the efficiency of the system.

What is reverse piezoelectric effect?

when you applied a mechanical vibration on the surface of a crystal than the the voltage will arise the opposite surface which is proportional to applied mechanical vibration and vice versa of operation is also true this effect is known as reverse piezoelectric effect.

How does attemperation effect the steam turbine performance?

this might helpsteam-temperature-control

How does mass effect the swing of a pendulum?

The more the mass, the lesser will be the amplitude of vibration.

What is the effect or reheater in the gas turbine?

1.Turbine output is increased for same compressor work. 2.As more heat is supplied,thermal efficiency decreases.

Why the vibration effect is more dangerous rather than noise effect at office?

Has anyone answered your question? i am interested in the question as well.

In regards to waves what is a vibration?

Vibration is the motion or effect of fast or slow moving particles creating specific movements regarding to how fast, how slow, how big, or how small the object is or was.

What causes 97 Toyota 4 Runner transmission to slip?

does the speedometer effect the transmission

Can a malfunction distributor have any effect on the car trasmission?

The distributor does not have any effect on the operation of the transmission. Since the engine is a separate unit from the transmission, a defect or malfunction in the engine or its parts does nothing to your transmission.

What has the author John Wayne Mishoe written?

John Wayne Mishoe has written: 'Dynamic modeling of the human hand using driving point mechanical impedance techniques' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Effect of vibrartion, Hand, Vibration syndrome, Vibration

How does the Gariep generate electricity?

It uses the power of water flowing from a certain height, using the kinetic energy of water to beat on the blades of the turbine resulting in turning the turbine. Rotational motion of the turbine will effect on the on the magnetic fields surrounding the coil and induce current.

Resonance refers to an effect in which the?

vibration of one object causes another object to vibrate at natural frequencies.

Roller coasters and the effect on the environment?

Roller coasters consume massive amounts of power. They also contribute to noise pollution and create vibration of the ground. This vibration disturbs wildlife and animals in the area.

How do noise and vibration affect you when operating a vessel?

Noise and vibration when operating a vessel tend to create almost a hypnotic effect. They tend to make you drowsy, and they can sometimes cause dizziness or disorientation as well.

What does a damper do on a Head tennis racket?

Vibration is the rapid back-and-forth motion of the strings and frame that follows the shock of the initial impact of the ball. Although some players find it annoying and use a vibration damper to reduce it, vibration has little effect on your hand or arm.

State that vibration is caused by effect of a single force or a succession of forces applied suddenly to elastic material?

state that

How music can affect your heart?

Music can effect your heart by vibration. When u sing to hard ur organs will get irritated.

The change in the Doppler effect causes what not to occur with it?

The speed of transmission.

What is the effect of the myelin sheath on synaptic transmission?

speed is increased