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False positive pregnancy tests are VERY RARE! False negatives are more common, especially when the test is done too soon after conception. If you have a negative pregnancy test and don't start your period redo the test in 3 days.

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Q: Can a positive test result be false?
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False positive for meth?

Levoflaxacine can cause false positive test result for methamphetamine

What is False negative and false positive in pap smear slide interpretation?

A false negative for a pap smear or any test means that the test result was normal even if an abnormality exists. A false positive means that the test result was abnormal when no abnormality exists.

Can trazadone cause a false positive on a drug test?

It will not result in a false WILL show a positive result if you are tested for Sedative-Hypnotics. If so, you should take your prescription into the drug test with you or some sort of proof.

Is it possible for nexium to give a false positive pregnancy test result?


What is a false-positive?

A false-positive is a test result which incorrectly indicates that a particular condition or attribute is present. False-negatives can also occur.

What is false positive?

False positive is a test result which indicates that a person has a disease or condition when, in reality, that condition/disease is not present.

What medication can result in a false positive drug test for THC?

Nothing. THC is a molocule. Only THC in your urine can provide a positive test result

Can mouthwash give a false negative result in a swab drug test?

NO it does not work. You will test positive.

What can cause a false positive MTD drug test?

A common OTC drug can actually cause a false positive on a MTD drug test. Antihistamines can turn up on a test and register as a positive result for Methadone.

What is a test result indicating that a condition is present when in fact it is not?

This is called a "false positive."

What is false positive widal test?

What is false positive in widal test

What causes a false positive urinalysis test result for THC?

The HIV medication Atripla causes false positive THC urinalysis tests.

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