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A positive result occurring after three minutes should be disregarded.

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Q: Can a pregnancy test be correct if it was negative at first then appeared with another faint line after 10 mins?
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Is second pregnancy test recommended after the negative one?

Yes. Sometimes pregnancy tests are not 100% correct. Even if the second test comes out negative I would recommend that you go see your doctor. They can just give you a pregnancy test there and then you will know for sure. :)

How do you spell pregnancy?

Pregnancy is correct.

Can you have negative pregnancy test and period but still be pregnant?

There are always pregnancy tests that can show up negative and you can still be pregnant. The best thing to do is check with your doctor and ask for a pregnancy test. Remember though even the doctor's test can even be wrong. There is not one single pregnancy test that is always 100% correct.

You have been having pregnancy symptoms- but your PT tests are negative-Could you still be pregnant?

Yes it is called a positive negative and the tests are only 99.998 precent correct

What is wrong if you have a lot of pregnancy symptoms but a negative pregnancy test?

You should get a pregnancy test at the doctor's office. A positive on those tests you can do at home are always correct, but you can in fact get a false negative. Usually these tests are pretty accurate if you take them correctly. If you really wanna make sure, get a another test done. But maybe you think you're pregnant and your symptomps could be explained by something else. To ease your mind, take another test. good luck!

Can a pregnancy test give a false negative if you don't pee on the stick long enough?

YES! Every pregnancy test is different and if the instructions are not followed 100% then there is a chance you could read a false negative. I suggest taking another test and if that dos not give you a conclusive answer or you are still unsure if the test is correct, consult your doctor for a blood test.

Is the pregnancy test kit always correct?


Rachel states that -5.5 is an integer because it is negative. Is she correct Why or why not?

Rachel states that -5.5 is an integer because it is negative. Is she correct Why or why not?

Can i blood pregnancy text be negative if you took it before you expect you period?

Pregnancy tests are almost always accurate with home tests it is more common to get a false negative then a positive if it says you are pregnant then you are.... With a blood test you will most likely always get the correct reading because your blood changes it increases and it develops a hormone that is only there when pregnant.

Does a negative number minus a positive equal a negative?

That is correct. If you subtract a positive number from a negative number, your result is negative.

Can home pregnancy test give false positives?

Yes, it's possible, although they are usually 98% correct. The best thing to do is do another one

Could a negative blood pregnancy test be wrong?

If you took it too early yes..If you have regular cycles and your period was very close to being due, or was late, it is probably correct. ~pawsalmighty

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