Can a protestant get married on a Sunday?


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Yes. As long as you can get a pastor to do the ceremony, as they are generally busy on Sundays. You may have to be more flexible on the time. Getting married during a regular Sunday worship service is also possible, but most people don't.


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Most Protestant denominations allow people to be married on Sunday. There is usually not a rule against. It is simply a matter of tradition and decorum.

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She didn't. She married a Catholic King, although he was the heir to the throne at the time, that was Francois II of France, who died after a year. Then she married Henry, Lord Darnley who was a vacillating Protestant. Then she married James Hepburn, Lord Bothwell and he was Protestant. So she married three times and at least one was a Protestant.

Yes, no problem; unless priest decides he does not want to do Sundays. I was married on a Sunday.

in the catholic religion he cannot be married. in protestant religion he/she can marry and most do

If you mean in the Catholic Church: No, not if the Catholic was married in a valid Catholic ceremony - the previous marriage needs to be annulled. If the Catholic was married by a justice of peace, then the Catholic can be married without annulment, but then it depends on the protestant party - if married in protestant church that marriage will need to be annulled, unless the precious spouse was a Catholic and married by a Justice of Peace. So in general, no; Please talk with a priest.

As many times as it takes to get it right!

Irish men and women get married all the time. Most are Catholics and some are Protestant and Christians love to get married.

They got married on April 29 in 1945, and that was a Sunday

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Form all Protestant dominations Anglican/Episcopal rituals are closest to Roman Catholic rituals including the Sunday services.

No, protestant priests are and they are also allowed to be women

Matt Lauer's father was Jewish and mother Protestant. Lauer was raised in the latter and married a Protestant Dutch born woman

Neither really got along. The Catholics had no rights, but the government was Protestant and favoured Protestants. This didn't change after Bloody Sunday.

A:If the Protestant was previously married in a Catholic Church and does not wish to remarry in a Catholic Church, the answer would be no. Once divorced, he or she can get on with life without any concerns, and remarry if this is his or her wish.. .Catholic AnswerYes, if a Protestant wishes to marry a Catholic in a Catholic Church and they were previously married, the only way that this would be possible would be to seek and obtain an annulment. An annulment is not automatic, the protestant would have to prove that no valid marriage existed, you would need to speak with a priest about this. If they have previously been married in the Catholic Church and wish to do so again, the same situation would apply.

she was a Lutheran protestant, this was a motivator for the marriage: to gain a protestant alliance in the wake of Henry's excommunication (he feared attack from the Catholic countries)

Robert Dudley was a Catholic he was also a respected English Nobleman who was married to Amy before he could have married elizabeth

On Sunday, 24 June 1509 Catherine of Aragon married Henry VIII

because he loves anne boyleyn and wanted to get married but the catholic pope wouldn't let him divorce his brothers widow and he had protestant advisers who told him if he turned protestant and the act of supremacy he could do whatever he wanted

Anne practiced Catholicism, but was very interested in what the Reformers were doing. According to some accounts, she had many proscribed books in her possession when she returned from France(Henry had declared all Reformer writings to be illegal in England), as well as an English translation of the BibleNo she was protestant! if she was married to Henry 8th then she would follow his religion so she would be protestant? or she was catholic before she married Henry then she turned protestant...Henry VIII was not protestant. This is evident in the six articles. They may have been possibilites of protestant leanings, but the six articles included no protestant beliefs.

Only if the divorced protestant was married previously to a Catholic in a civil ceremony. Otherwise, he would need the first marriage annuled by the catholic church.

Coptic Christians are divided into Orthodox Coptics, Catholic Coptics, and protestant Coptics, the first two would have a Catholic Mass, the protestant Coptics have lost the power to celebrate the Eucharist.

Not true - Jews get married on Sundays, maybe other religions too.

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