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That's like putting two Pit Bulls into a gunny sack! A Psychopath is a very dangerous person so it is obvious that this relationship would never work out even if the Psychopath got psychological counseling.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-11 20:49:57
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Q: Can a psychopath and a sociopath have a lasting relationship?
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Can a Narcissist and psychopath have a lasting relationship?

Not a healthy relationship.. that's for sure

What kind of psychopath does Sherlock call himself in a study in pink?

He says he is not a psychopath but a "high functioning sociopath".

Why did Vlad the impaler kill as many people?

He was a psychopath or sociopath.

Is a narcissist also a psychopath?

Yes it can be in many cases and also a sociopath....

What is the difference in a sociopath and a psychopath?

For some people, these two terms are interchangeable.

Was Ted Bundy a sociopath or a psychopath?

Sociopathy and psychopathy are concepts that are related to Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD), which was a suggested diagnosis for Ted Bundy.

How was Hannibal Lecter so calm?

He was a psychopath/sociopath, and felt no empathy for his victims.

What is the difference between a narcissist and a psychopath?

The Defining characteristic of the narcissist is grandiosity. The narcissist is more likely to be attention seeking, envious and to desire admiration.The defining characteristic of the sociopath/psychopath is callousness. The sociopath/psychopath is more likely to engage in illegal activity, to be aggressive, impulsive and deceitful.

What is different about a psychopath and a sociopath?

I love how there's more likes than answers for this one.

What are some words that end with the suffix path?

Psychopath Telepath Homeopath Osteopath Sociopath

What are some words end with the suffix path?

Psychopath. Sociopath. Footpath. Telepath. Bypath. Allopath.

What do you call a sociopath or psychopath who honestly cares for a small group of people but not the rest of the world?

Rasmus SK.

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