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no. not in UK anyway.

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Can a 125cc quad bike be ridden on a cbt?

Can I ride a quad bike or buggy on a cbt

Who invented the first quadbike?

how invented the quad bike how invented the quad bike how invented the quad bike

What is the fastest quad bike in the world?

the quad bike i drive

Can you ride your bike to the cbt if you have insurance?

simple answer is "no"

Can you drive a road legal 125cc quad on a provisional license with a cbt certificate?


Can you ride a 600 cc bike with 33bhp on a cbt?

No on a cbt you can only ride up to 14.6 bhp to ride a 33bhp bike you must pass you full test .

What is a quad bike?

A quad bike is like a motorcycle with 4 wheels. They are so much fun!!!!!!!!

Is there a quad on GTA4?

There is no quad bike in GTA IV.

Can you drive a quad bike on a bike licenses?

No, a quad has 4 wheels and a bike has 2, the insureance and tax would be compleatly different.

Is there a quad bike cheat on grand theft auto iv?

Is there a quad bike cheat on gta 4

Can you ride a quad bike on the road in the UK?

Yes, as long as you have a drivers licence and the quad bike is fully road legal.

Who invented the first quad bike?

Rory White invented the quad bike and he is from New-Zealand. It was invented a while ago !

What is tha top speed of a 50cc quad bike?

The top speed of 50cc quad bike is aprrox. 30mph to 40mph.

Can you be 16 and ride a quad bike on the road?

Is there an age limet to ride a quad

Can you ride a kazaski ninja 250r on cbt?

no you need a full bike licence

What license is needed to ride an ATV quad bike in the UK?

To drive an ATV quad bike on the road one needs to have a full car licence. An ATV quad bike can only carry passengers if it is designed to do so and has the right number of seats.

What was the first brand of quad bike?

it was Suzuki

What is a quad bike made of?

Plastics and metal

Can you ride a quad bike on car license in the UK I have a full UK driving license?

You can operate a quad bike with a category B or B1 licence.

What is the difference between a four wheeler and a dirt bike?

a four wheeler has four wheels and is called a quad. its more safer riding a quad than a dirt bike. a dirt bike has two wheels. it's much lighter then a quad. so its easier to do tricks.

What is ATV Quad bike stunt simulator: Tricky tracks 3d?

Quad stunt bike racing is one of the addictive games every bike contains on four-wheel that gives you a different experience. Quad stunt bike game is a realistic and unique game as compare to other games if you get completely bored by playing the previous racing game then try this quad bike racing game it will give different pleasure and energy.

Do you need a licence to drive a quad bike in turkey?


How fast does a 100cc quad bike go?


What is the mph on a 450cc quad bike?


How many people are aloud on a quad bike?