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no they'll fight

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Can a mouse and a rat put up with each other?

You should not keep a rat and a mouse on the same cage together, The rat will most likely kill the mouse as that is their natural instinct.

Can a blue rat and a standard rat live together in the same cage?

It might depend on what type of rat it is or where did came from or is it vicious.

Can you keep a rat in the same cage as a mouse?

The rat will more than likely kill and eat it. Rats are predatory species, and will prey on smaller rodents.

Can a dwarf rat go into the same cage as a normal rat?


How old does a kangaroo rat live to be?

Probably about the same as a mouse or hamster, about 2 to 3 years.

Are pet mice freindly?

Yes, pet mice are usually friendly. I held a mouse at the pet store and it was a being a calm little mouse. Mice are also funny. Sometimes, you will see a bunch of them on an exercise wheel at the pet store and the wheel will go all the way around and some mice fall off. They are nice, cute, funny, and if you are interested in buying one, then you should go to your local pet store. I have 2 pet rats at my house. Never put a rat cage and a mouse cage next to each other, or the mouse will be scared. Also, a rat and a mouse should NEVER be in the same cage, unless you want a dead mouse and an angry rat. The rat will eat the mouse.

Will a baby rat be compatible with a parakeet and can they live together in the same cage?

since no one has answered you... I thought I would let you know my rat killed and ate my two gerbils. I let her out for a while and she found a way into the gerbil cage and she attacked them. ick. Another rat I had killed it's cage mate (rat).

What is 'rat' in Latin?

The Latin word for 'rat' is Mus. It's the same noun as for 'mouse'. The Latin word for 'mouse'- or 'rat-trap' is 'muscipula'.

Can a rat and a mouse mate?

Absolutely! In a way they are the same! Although they are different they are still the same! If you have a Rat and a Mouse from the opposite gender they can of course mate!

How do you make homemade rat toys?

you can take pieces of cloth and tye them in cool knots and hang them on a bar mouse or rat cage.

Can a rat live in the same cage as another type of rodent?

Some can coexist in the same cage. When rooming together keep watch for the first day to stop any fighting problems.

Same sound as mouse?

a small rat

How does the rib cage of rat function?

The rib cage of a rat protects the organs from impact and keeps them enclosed. This is the same for most animals.

Is a pack rat the same as a pocket mouse?

No. A pocket mouse is a mouse of the genus Chaetodipus, and much smaller than a pack rat, also known as a wood rat, genus Neotoma.

Can you have rats and mice be in the same cage?

no no no you cant have them in the same cage as the rat would fight the mice to there death, sorry

Do gerbils and mice get along?

No! My couskn had a gerbil a rat an a mouse in a cage 2gether mouse ran away an gerbil killed the rat:'( Gerbils an hamsters MIGHT get along but not mice nv gerbils :/

Which biome does a Mouse Tailed Rat live in?


Can a mouse breed with a rat?

It Dosen't Really Mater. They're The Same. The Babies Will Come Out Like A Rat Or A Mouse. IT DON'T MATER !

Can a hamster and rat live in the same cage?

I wouldn't advise it at all. The rat is a rather aggressive creature and would probably end up chewing on the hamster. It has the teeth to be dangerous.

Where do you make pet rat live?

make a small home for your pet rat, like a cage and put toilet rolls, a ball, you can put LOADS of things in the cage to make your rat happy.

What if you want to put an adult rat and a baby rat in the same cage?

the adult might eat the baby :/

What if you have 2 females in the same cage and they pull hair out of each other and not each other what should be done?

You must be talking about A rodent, I.E. Rabbit, Rat, Mouse? Seperate them.

What animal can you put in an old hamster cage?

a rat, mouse, gerbil, guinea pig, basically any rodent

What is the Difference between rat and mice poop?

The rat and mouse are two completely different species, but are in the same family. Since the rat is bigger, its droppings will be larger than those from a mouse.

Can a male rat get a female mouse pregnant?

No. Not the same species.