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No, because a red-eared slider lives in ponds and lakes and garter snakes live in grassy fields. They also have different humidity requirements.

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Red eared sliders will occasionally eat small garter snakes, however it is a rather uncommon food item.

Actually, nobody really knows which one is better:a red eared or a snake neck turtle. But they do have opinions. Somebody can say that a red eared turtle is better than a snake neck turtle and somebody else might say tha a snake neck turtle is better than a red eeared turtle. We have different thoughts and opinions. I hope this helped. If you need any more advice on turtles, feel free to email me and I will send you one back quickly. My email is:

Yes garter snakes dont Elat turtles

Aligators, turtles, and snakes. Specific Animals: American Alligator, Red Eared Slider Turtle, Florida Rat Snake

There is a species of snake called a garter snake

The garter snake is close to the water snake

No - the garter snake is a constrictor

there is 2,000 kinds of snakes that are known ball python corn snake eastern garter snake northern garter snake san francisco garter snake western garter snake king cobra

No. A garter snake has a vestigial pelvis, but no legs.

Garter snakes are in the genus 'Thamnophis'. The common garter snake is 'Thamnophis sirtalis'

Garter snake eggs are soft shelled.

This species of snake is known for its longitudinal stripes, which look like a garter.

Yes. A garter snake can bite, whether it is large or small.

a garter snake is usally eaten by a larger snake such as another garter snake from another group of snakes or also by copper heads and cotton mouth and if a garter snake gets a human scent on it, its own family will eat it

a garter snake. my garter snake never wants to bite me and loves being picked upso defintaly this 1!

The common garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) is native to North America

1-2 pounds for an adult San Francisco Garter Snake

All snakes, including the garter snake, are predators . They must hunt to eat.

Two-striped Garter Snake was created in 1860.

No. No garter snake is poisonous.

No. Garter snakes are nonvenomous.

Assuming you mean the Garter snake (there is noofficially recognised species called a garden snake) - There are various colour patterns in the garter snake family, and yes, it is possible for an all-black Garter snake to be produced.

Most garter snakes grow to about 60 centimetres; one species of garter snake can get up to 160 cm long.

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