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Not if the other parent has joint custody and/or visitation rights.

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Q: Can a remarried parent relocate children?
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Can a parent relocate children?

Not if the other parent has joint custody and/or visitation rights.

Are child support payments by the noncustodial parent required if the custodial parent is remarried?

In general, yes. The payments are for the children, not the parent. The step-parent is not legally responsible for the children unless he adopts them.

What if the deceased parent is not remarried but divorced with children over 21 what rights does the children have to personal property?

Why should adult children have any rights to the personal gains of a parent, unless they worked to add to them?

Can spouse relocate with children during divorce?

No in most states, and even than, the separated parent can file an injunction to prevent it or have the children returned.

If your parent dies which was remarried does the biological children have any rights over the step parent or step children in regards to his belongings?

It depends if there was a will or not. Step-children have no rights to the estate of a step-parent unless specifically named in the will. If there was no will, the estate is typically divided between the spouse and the children. Check the laws for your state or jurisdiction.

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Can child support be reduced if noncustodial parent is remarried and has additional children?

Not as a reason to obtain a modification, however it can be a consideration at the new automatic review, or if the obligee parent files for an increase. see link below

Can you and your kids leave the state of GA once you get divorced you have joint custody?

No. You cannot do anything to interfere with the other parent's access to your children. You need to petition the court for permission to relocate.

What is the effects of an early marriage?

Becoming a parent earlier, getting divorced and remarried more.

In SC can an unemployed non-custodial parent request child support to be stopped if custodial parent is remarried and employed?

It can be modified, but not stopped.

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