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A rotten egg smell can definitely make a person feel sick. This is especially the case if the person has a weak stomach.

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What making the rotten cabbages smell in under the mountain?


What does it mean when mushrooms have a foul smell and will it make you sick?

it poisonous or rotten and will get you high

What gas has smell of rotten fish?

Most gasses don't have an odor. The gas companies add the smell to make you aware that there is a leak.

Will milk make a plant smell bad?

if you put milk in a plant it will smell like rotten eggs and your house will be stffed with a bad smell and you will barf and you will have to move out of your house.

What chemical is added to natural gas to make it smell like rotten egg?

butyl mercaptan

If you smell rotten eggs all around how do you get rid of the nasty smell?

A rotten egg smell is usually a sign of a failing catalytic convertor and also at times failing oxygen sensors. try the cat first and that should alleviate your smelly problem. answer before you change expensive catalictic converter, try using a different brand of fuel sometimes fuel company additives will make your exhaust smell like rotten eggs

What causes a rotten animal smell in a damp wall?

An animal make have gotten trapped in a wall if the wall smell like one. Another reason for the smell is mold which occurs when there is water damage.

Can a rotten tooth make you have bad breath?

The rotton tooth harbours bacteria which creates a bad smell. Yes, a rotten tooth will smell bad, as does anything rotten, and so affect your breath terribly. It can also cause various medical problems, and you should seek professional assistance for the problem very quickly.

What would make a car smell like rotten eggs and then start acting like it his bad gas?

If a car begins to smell like rotten eggs and then starts acting like it has bad gas, it may have been filled with the wrong type of fuel. This smell is common when diesel fuel is burned.

What can make your house smell like propane if you don't have any gas in your home?

Propane itself has no smell. What you smell with propane (or natural gas, etc.) is actual a chemical odorant additive required by law that smells similar to "rotten eggs".There are many possible sources of such smells, including actual rotten eggs.

Does sulfate give off the rotten egg smell?

Yes, sulfur does give off the "rotten egg" odor. This is to make it more noticeable for people to realize there is a leak or problem of some sort.

How do Sexual harassment make a person feel?

it make a person feel really bad from the inside out

What place smells like rotten eggs?

If hydrogen sulfide gas is present, the area will smell like rotten eggs. It is a byproduct of decomposing organic matter. It can make you very sick and eventually kill you.

Why do sunflowers make you happy?

Sunflowers make you feel happy because of the colors and the smell.

What is the difference between loving a person and loving how they make you feel?

Loving a person means loving someone and loving how they make you feel means loving the manner of the person who make you feel.

What to say to make your girlfriend feel special?

you smell like poo

What can you make with rotten flesh in minecraft?

You can't make anything with rotten flesh

How do you make a egg rotten?

Take some eggs and get a sharp needle. Make a small hole in the top of each egg. Next, let the eggs sit in a warm place for about a week. Now you've got some rotten eggs that will only smell when you break them.

What would make a person like to smell dirty underwear?

The smell of urine and feces is sometimes comforting.

Gas smell vs dead animal?

A gas smell has a rotten egg odor due to a chemical gas companies use to make gas leaks easily detectable. A dead animal smell is caused by bacteria and fungus as that form as the body decays.

Why would an apple make you sick?

An apple could make you sick because it is rotten or has unwanted pesticide chemicles which cause a reaction in your body that make you feel sick.

What does Fresh turkey smell like when it is bad?

Turkey no longer smells fresh when it is bad. Vinegary, gassy, ammonia, rotten eggs, sulfurous - anything that doesn't smell right could indicate that it is spoiling. You will have to make that determination.

How does poem make you hear see taste feel and smell aspects of life?


Do red roses smell the nicest?

In my own opinion, red roses smell the nicest. I love the smell of roses very much, because they make me feel comfortable and relax.

Can a mans sperm make you smell?

I think almost any body fluid left on a person and not cleaned up "Could" Make you Smell Answer: "yes"

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