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Can a sears model number 10110041 20 gauge single shot shot gun shoot slugs?

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Take your gun to a local gun smith or dealor. They should be able to check to see if your barrel is a full choke. If so, they can shorten the barrel and remove the choke. That way it will become a open choke to allow the use of a slug.While they are shortening your barrel have them mount your site also. Good luck!!!!!!!

2015-07-15 21:34:59
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What year was a 12 gauge single barrel shotgun serial number c584 made?

What year was riverside, 12 gauge, single shot ,model 548 made

What is the model number of vintage single shot Winchester 20 gauge shotgun?

It is a Model 1885. With the serial number, I can provide you with the specific year of manufacture.

How can you find out how old it is if it has no model number for stevens 20 gauge single shot?

Sorry, but you won't.

What is the value of a Stevens Model 940B 16 gauge single shot?

What is the value of a Stevens model 940b 16 gauge single shot? And when was it made?

Springfield Arms Co 20 Gauge single shot Model 1928 Serial Number 273A?

do you have a picture

How much is a sears roebuck 12 gauge single shot worth?

It depends on the the number of barrels, year, model, condition and serial number.

What is the value of a Sears Roebuck single shot 12 gauge model A521361?

If that number is appearing on the frame, as I suspicion it is, that is the serial number and not the model number. The model information appears on the barrel and will be something similar to 101.1. In any event, these single-shot shotguns top out at $75.

What gauge is the Hopkins and Allen model G single shot shotgun serial number 247842?

Can't be told with just the sn.

Price for Winchester model 37 steelbilt 16 gauge?

i what if it says patent number pending on the 37 16 steel single shot

What is the value of a Stevens 12 gauge single load bent action model number 9478?

Stevens Model 9478 shotguns generall sell under $100.

When was the Stevens model 940c single shot 16 gauge made?

Stevens Model 940c was manufactured between 1961 and 1970. If your shotgun has no serial number then it was made before 1969.

History or model number on a Winchester lever action 20 gauge shotgun with serial 113835?

What you have is a Model 1885 Single Shot (high-wall) shotgun that was manufactured in the year 1913.

Where do you find the model number on a j Stevens 12 gauge single shot shotgun?

i am not 100 percent sure but i think it would be found on the barrel.

Stevens 12 gauge single barrel shotgun with no model number or serial number The only marking says Savage you are having it repaired and need the model number in order to order a new stock?

"Stevens_12_gauge_single_barrel_shotgun_with_no_model_number_or_serial_number_The_only_marking_says_Savage_you_are_having_it_repaired_and_need_the_model_number_in_order_to_order_a_new_stock" Where can I get help with this?

What is the value of the Amadeo Rossi 12 gauge shotgun model number 2219?

I would need to know the model number to your shotgun,along with the type which would be single shot,or a double barrel,along with the overall condition of your shotgun.The number provided by you is the serial number.

How much is a 16 gauge single barrel shotgun model 350A worth?

How much is a 16 gage single barrel shotgun model 350A Revelation

How much is a cooey 410 gauge model 840 Winchester western Canada limited worth?

cooey 410 gauge model 840 Winchester Canada. single shot

If a 12 gauge single shot is marked Springfield Arms and 1929 Model on the barrel could it be a model 94?

It is a Stevens Model 1929.

What is the year of a Ithaca 12 gauge shotgun serial number 154445?

Double barrel? Single barrel? Model? Need more information in order to be able to answer.

When was the Stevens model 940c single shot 12 gauge made?


How much is a Stevens model 94 410 gauge single shotgun worth?


Where is the model number on an old 16 gauge Savage shotgun?

== ==

How old is a Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 940?

My dad and I bought a Stevens Mod. 940 single shot 16 gauge at a hardware store in 1950. model # 940

What is a sears model 100.101 20 gauge single shot worth?

A Sears model 100.101 20 gauge single shot shotgun is worth between $150 and $400. The actual value depends on the actual condition of the weapon and the interested buyers.

How much is a Springfield model 94A 20 gauge single shot shotgun worth?

how much is a springfild 12 gauge 94a worth