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If your parents report you as a runaway, you can be picked up by authorities and returned home. If they don't, you could probably stay out of trouble.

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Q: Can a seventeen year old leave home and not get arrested?
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Can a seventeen year old leave home in Tennessee?


Can a seventeen year old leave home if she is able to support herself and she has a stable home to move into?


Can you force a seventeen year old to leave home in Ontario Canada?

no you cant

Can 17 year old girl leave home and what can parents do?

what will happen if a seventeen year old peegnant girl leaves home without consent of parents

Is it legal to leave a seventeen year old alone overnight in Virginia?

yes there are people who leave there 12 year olds home alone for like 2 days

Why would a seventeen year old leave home to do drugs?

If the 17 year old knows that such activities are not acceptable at home and has parents who consistently act on it, this is a pain in the neck [to him/her] so they leave. It doesn't really have to do with reasonable behavior.

Can a seventeen year old girl leave home in NJ?

She can move out if she has permission from her parents. Otherwise, she has to wait until she is 18.

Can you leave a seventeen year old at home overnight in ga?

There are no laws about this. Most would say that leaving a 17 year old alone for a night would be okay.

Can a seventeen-year-old in Oklahoma leave her mother's home to live with her father who does not have custody?

By this age, the 17 year old can choose whom to live with. You have to wait until 18 to just leave, but if you file the proper paperwork, you can leave sooner to live with your dad.

Can an eighteen year old get arrested for beating up a seventeen year old?

it depends what state you are in. in places like south carolina, 17 is a legal adult and so no, you wouldn't be arrested.

Can a seventeen year old leave their parents home in ny?

In New York, not until they are 18 years of age. Until then the parents determine where you live.

Can a seventeen year old boy get arrested if he sleeps in same bed as his fifteen years old girlfriend?


In the state of Georgia can child of 17 leave their home?

The only way a seventeen year old can leave home, in the state of Georgia, with their parents not being able to stop them... is if they aren't in school anymore. Call your local police department.

Can a 17 year old femail legally leave home and not be forced to return?

Seventeen is not the same as being eighteen. Until you are an adult, the law can return you to the parents.

Is a seventeen year old allowed to move out at in the state of Maine?

Legally a 17 year old cannot leave home in Maine. Until they turn 18, the parents are responsible for them and decide where they can live.

Are parents legally resonsible for a seventeen year old if she leaves home?


Can a seventeen year old be emancipated in Illinois from a specialized foster home?


Can a seventeen-year-old move out of their parents' home without permission?

all depends on what state you live in In every state a 17-year-old is a minor. If you leave home without parental permission then your parents can, and probably will, report you as a runaway.

Can a seventeen year old female leave her home without parental consent in Texas?

the last time i heard in texas you are an adult when you turn 17 in Texas but don't trust me.

How do you get a seventeen year old home who left without permission?

Report them as a runaway and ask the police to return him home.

In the state of Georgia can a seventeen year old move out of their parent's home with out their consent?

Yes, in Georgia you can leave home at 17 (because you can go to jail at that age), and you will not get in trouble and cannot be forced to return, but you can't be kicked out until age 18.

What if your 15 year old steals from the famliy home?

You can have them arrested and also if they are using drugs you can also have them arrested for possession

Can a seventeen year old leave her parents home that has a high school diploma and move in with her grandparents?

If you're 18 you can live where ever you please. As a 17 year old you can probably get away with it. It would not be worth fighting about when you are so close to 18.

If a seventeen year old in Ohio runs away from home can they be forced to go back home?

if they are not ill and just stupid then no

Can a seventeen year old legally move in with her twenty year old boyfriend with parental consent?

no not unless the child has been imancipated from her parents. otherwise the man can be arrested for child molestation.