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No. Shemales can not become pregnant because they have a penis instead of a vagina. Even if the penis was removed they still can't get pregnant because they never had a uterus.


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Correction men can get pregnant even a shemale can get pregnant.

No, for two reasons:- 1. A man can not get pregnant 2. A shemale will not have sperm

If the shemale produces live sperm, presumably he/she can impregnate a female.

Unless "she" has the final operation and becomes a woman, yes. A shemale is a term used on a man with enhanced breasts, by surgery or hormones, who work in the sex industry and is transgender. He is a man unless he has a sex operation.

Yes you are able, you have both could get yourself pregnant........... Or you could get someone pregnant or someone can get you pregnant.

Shemale is an offensive and prejudice term to describe trans women - stop using that term!Trans women do not have female reproductive organs so cannot get pregnant.

Male-to-females can't get pregnant. But MIGHT, depending on degree of sex change, be able to make another Female pregnant. Otherwise, adoption might be an option.

Go to homosexual bar to find shemale .

we may offer the janaza pray for shemale

A shemale is a man with surgically or hormonally enhanced breasts.

Yes, you can portray your second life avatar as a shemale. There are various groups and clubs that are shemale orientated within Second Life.

No. A shemale is a derogatory term for a man who feminized himself, often for the purposes of adult entertainment, and intends to keep their original male genitalia.

Yes he is because he is so dumb and he did it with a Shemale, also he is a Shemale.

A shemale or transwoman is often male-bodied and, thus, has a penis, scrotum, seminal vesicles, etc., and sperm. Although the sperm have likely been altered by any hormone therapy, which is common in transgender people, it would still be possible to fertilize an egg and make someone pregnant. Please don't use the word "shemale," it is offensive and dehumanizing, reducing a person to a fetish and sex object. Instead, use "transwoman" or "MTF (male-to-female transsexual)."

shemale, tranny, ladyboy, transexual, dickgirl, futanari and many many more

Yes, a shemale is a entirely a man with breasts from surgery or taking hormones.

Birthnames are none of your concern. Also, the term shemale is a derogatory slur.

A shemale is mostly a transgender. A shemale will be dressed like a woman and may also have breasts but no vagina. An Hermaphrodite is born with the two sexes and may also have breasts.

NO...shemales can not have babies because there is no such thing as a shemale...if a shemale did have a baby it was a girl who got a gender change.

Too much to write so read here:

it that shemale to whom she want to marry i say a man

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