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Can a sheriff be arrested?

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Of course. Anyone can be arrested.

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When does coroner become sheriff?

Coroner will become sheriff when the sheriff dies or is arrested or relieved of his/her duty for what ever reason.

What did Burton do after found out the truth about the Royal Nonesuch?

He told Huck to tell the duke and the king that they would be arrested by the sheriff.

Who was sheriff before Andy Taylor?

Sheriff Poindexter was mentoned in one episode. Poindexter arrested Floyd Lawson and Mr. Foley on August 9, 1946 at 11:25am. The charge was assault.

What will happen if you refuse to move out of your house that is being repossessed?

The local sheriff will have you moved bodily if necessary. If it comes to that you may be arrested.

In the book sounder why did the boys father get arrested?

He Stole the ham and sausages from his work and unfortunately Sounder wasn't there to warn them the sheriff was coming

How does someone kow if they have been charged with domestic battery or not?

If you haven't been arrested yet, call the sheriff/police/court and ask.

Who can arrest the sheriff in Arkansas?

For decades, only the County Coroner had authority to serve any kind of process on the Sheriff, including a warrant of arrest. That has recently been changed. Any law enforcement officer, acting pursuant to a warrant issued by a judicial officer, would now have authority to arrest the Sheriff. The County Coroner still temporarily assumes control of the County Jail if the Sheriff has been arrested or the office of Sheriff becomes vacant.

Can you be arrested in Missouri for not turning over your vehicle?

when the sheriff comes with the replevin to get the car, he will take the car or you. Simple choice.Naturally, he'd rather take the car.

Who were the accusers of the scottsboro trial?

First, several hoboing white boys reported to a sheriff that they had been attacked by several black boys. The evidence indicates the sheriff then arrested a group of black boys and intimidated two white girls into accusing them of rape.

What does body attachment mean when getting arrested?

Body Attachment, Writ: A writ commanding the sheriff to bring before the court a person guilty of contempt of court.

What is the role of a bailiff?

The bailiff was the jailer, the sheriff, the connection between the nobility and the common folk. He arrested people, took care of them if they were locked up, upheld the laws of the area.

What is the role a bailiff?

The bailiff was the jailer, the sheriff, the connection between the nobility and the common folk. He arrested people, took care of them if they were locked up, upheld the laws of the area.

What does sheriff mean in Spanish?

in spanish sheriff=sheriff haha

Who is the sheriff of graal online classic?

The Sheriff of Graal is Sheriff Zach. He was made Sheriff by the Creator himself.

Where are you taken when you are arrested?

It depends on what officer arrests you and where you allegedly broke the law. If you're arrested in a city by a city policeman, you'll probably go to the city's jail. If you're out in the country and you're arrested by a sheriff, you may well end up in the county jail. I believe federal law enforcement has arrangements with counties and cities to house their newly arrested suspects. I just read an article where a person who was arrested for breaking a federal law was remanded to the Marshall's custody - in a county jail.

Is it legal for a repossession company hired by the lien holder to call and leave a message stating you will be arrested if they have to get a sheriff?

NOT that I know of. call a local attorney for state specific advice. It's not a threat. Just a warning that IF YOU FORCE THEM TO APPLY FOR A WRIT OF REPLEVNA by refusing to surrender the car, you WILL BE ARRESTED. No! Creditors and/or their representatives cannot threaten to have you arrested or make threats period.

Is a woman sheriff called a sheriff matron?

She would just be called Sheriff

Can a auto dealership remove home furnishing from a cosigner home on a defaulted loan?

Not without a court judgment and a Sheriff Deputy present. If they try otherwise, call the police and have them arrested for trespassing.

Shall you use Honorable in the salutation for a Sheriff?

Yes, if the Sheriff is elected. No, if the Sheriff is appointed

What do you call the main sheriff?

Sheriff--------------Additional: (in the US) the Office of Sheriff is established in the state constitution and there is only one Sheriff per jurisdiction (usually a county, altho some large cities also have a Sheriff). There is only one Sheriff, and his correct title is SHERIFF. All other employees of the Sheriff's Department, regardless of their rank or title, is a DEPUTY Sheriff.

What does a sheriff do?

The Sheriff is the chief of law enforcement for a county The Sheriff is the chief of law enforcement for a county

What is a sentence for sheriff?

Robin Hood evaded the sheriff yet again.The sheriff is here. He wants his wife's underwear back.The sheriff is on his way, madam.

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