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Q: Can a sig suaer p229 be valued at a 98 percent without the box?
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Is a Sig P229 pistol better than Sig P226?

Without knowing what "better" means to you the answer could be yes, no or maybe.

Will the grips on a sig sauer P229 equinox fit the P229 platinum elite?

Yes same frame and assembly they will interchange

Does a Sig Sauer p229 shoot 357 Magnum?

No. You can get a Sig P229 that will fire .357 Sig, but that is not the same as .357 magnum.

Can a 15 round Sig Sauer P229 use a10 round cartridge?

Yes, as long as it is made specifically for the P229/P228.

P229 can usin 9mm bullet?

The P229 pistol is made in 3 different calibers- one of which is the 9mm Parabellum, also known as 9mm Luger.

Is Sig P229 pistol better than Sig P228?

The Sig P228 and 9mm P229 both use the same frame and frame assembly. The difference is that the P229 has a machined stainless steel slide, while the P228 has a stamped slide with a breech face block pinned in place. The P229 is stronger than the P228, but the P228 is a little lighter. I personally prefer the P229. The P229's tougher frame makes it better than the P228 for stronger rounds like the .40 or .357 SIG (I don't think the 228 even comes in those calibers).Yes it does amd the p228 is easyer to mass produce.

How old is p229?

No published sn data.

Why was sig p228 discontinued?

You posted the question under computer terminology, but I'm going to assume by Sig P228, you're referring to the handgun. The P228 was discontinued was because the P229 was a more popular seller, and after the P229 became available in 9mm, there was to particular reason to continue selling the P228. Additionally, the P229 frame is milled from steel, making it a little sturdier than the P228, which was a stamped frame, which is probably at least part of the reason the P229 was more popular.

Who carries the sig p229?

ENTIRELY too many agencies to list here- but if you scroll down to the link that says SIG P229, it will take you to the page of Wikipedia that shows the major user.

What is the standard issue for usss?

Sig Sauer P229

Where can one purchase a sig P229?

One can purchase a sig p229 at almost any gun shop location such as NRA or hunting shop. Be sure to bring proper identification papers, permits, and payment.

Where is the serial numbers on a sig sauer p229?

Look on the frame.

What is secret service issue pistol?

SiG P229 in 357

Value of a sig sauer p229?

50-550 usd

What is a shortcoming for the Sig Sauer p229?

There are not many shortcomings for the Sig Sauer p229. It is a pistol that has been repeatedly tested by the United States government and is carried by many members of the United States armed forces and federal agencies.

What is the sig sauer 229?

What is the maximum effective range of a p229 40 cal?

About 50 meters.

What guns do the San Diego police use?

Sig Sauer P229

How old is your Sig Sauer P229 with serial number AG10888?

It was proofed in 2006

How old is your sig sauer p229 serial no AM105238?

You will have to call SIG to find out

What is the Date of manufacture of your p229?

Impossible to answer withou a DETAILED description of ALL markings.

What is the used value of a Sig Sauer P229 handgun?

50-400 usd

How old is your Sig Sauer P229 with serial number AG21523?

It was proofed in 06

What guns do air marshals use?

Sig Sauer P229, .357 Sig

What is the standard issue handgun for secret service?

P229 Sig Sauer in .357