Can a sim card it self be locked?


A SIM card is locked by 2 or 4 passwords





PIN1 and PIN2 are programmable by the end user the code is 4-8 digits long usually you have 3 attempts to get the code right, if you lock PIN1 or PIN2 out you then need the PUK1 or PUK2 which is the PIN UNLOCK KEY which is an 8 digit code provided by your Service Provider get this code wrong 10 times and its time to buy a new SIM card

Well this depends on what kind of "lock" you mean. A SIM card can be password protected (usually 3-6 characters long) by going into the Security Settings on your phone which is usually where you can chgange your phone's lock as well if it has one.....if you enable a SIM password this password is saved onto the SIM card itself which is a good security issue because if somebody steals your SIM card they can't just simply put it in a new phone and be ready to go....they'd have to know your SIM password in order to even get the phone to fully load up and connect to the network. Another thing that can be done is a SIM card can be locked due to someone putting in a wrong password too many times....if you ever get to this screen on a cell phone call customer care because if you try too many times you will fry your SIM card which would mean you have to shell out another $20 or so.....if that doesn't sound like what you meant than to my knowledge the answer is no but otherwise I hope this helps