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Can a sim card it self be locked?


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A SIM card is locked by 2 or 4 passwords





PIN1 and PIN2 are programmable by the end user the code is 4-8 digits long usually you have 3 attempts to get the code right, if you lock PIN1 or PIN2 out you then need the PUK1 or PUK2 which is the PIN UNLOCK KEY which is an 8 digit code provided by your Service Provider get this code wrong 10 times and its time to buy a new SIM card

Well this depends on what kind of "lock" you mean. A SIM card can be password protected (usually 3-6 characters long) by going into the Security Settings on your phone which is usually where you can chgange your phone's lock as well if it has one.....if you enable a SIM password this password is saved onto the SIM card itself which is a good security issue because if somebody steals your SIM card they can't just simply put it in a new phone and be ready to go....they'd have to know your SIM password in order to even get the phone to fully load up and connect to the network. Another thing that can be done is a SIM card can be locked due to someone putting in a wrong password too many times....if you ever get to this screen on a cell phone call customer care because if you try too many times you will fry your SIM card which would mean you have to shell out another $20 or so.....if that doesn't sound like what you meant than to my knowledge the answer is no but otherwise I hope this helps


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it depends on weather its the phone that is locked or if the sim card is locked. if its the sim card then you need to call telstra and they can unlock it for you. but if its only the phone then the sim card will always work on any other phone

Provided the handset is not locked to a network and it's a micro sim card you use, yes.

No. A sim card holds data for its self. On the other hand wi-fi holds data for its self. Meaning excess fees of a sim cards data is not possible unless the sim card is in the phone, ipad, tablet etc..

No - the phone is the item unlocked - not the SIM card. If you were to replace the Optus SIM card with (for example) a T-mobile SIM - it would register to T-mobile. You could swap the SIM card back with the Optus card, and still use it.

If your sim card is locked then immediately go to the costumer care of sim provider with one new document set which must be same that of owner of that charges to restart your new service with same number and network provider.

the answer is usually on the back of your sim card if you do 10 rong attempts at the code it will be locked forever like mine!

Apple don't provide a sim card the networks do. If the iPhone was bought from a network shop they'd have likely to have locked it to that network and give a sim for that network.

No. You must replace the sim card at an at and t kiosk.You can not replace the sim card your self. Most malls have an at and t kiosk they can help you there.

No as they may be locked to a particular handset but if they are not you can move the SIM card to an other handset. Nokia do not have their own SIM cards they just lock the SIM card to their network via the SIM card settings.

It sounds like your phone is locked to a specific network (not the network for your SIM card). You might need to get it unlocked before you can use the SIM you have.

Yes it does but it is locked to t-mobile America

A SIM is not "locked to a phone" -- the phone is locked to use only SIMs for a specific network. In other words, any SIM will work in any unlocked phone. A locked phone will work with any SIM from the network it is locked to. Changing the IMEI (which is rumoured to be possible, but I am not sure) wouldn't make any difference -- if the phone is unlocked, you can already use any SIM in it.

If you are getting Invalid SIM or Incorrect SIM when you insert a SIM card from a GSM provider, then it would mean that the Blackberry phone is still locked to the original carrier. You would need to unlock it first.

A Boost Mobile phone can only work with a T-Mobile sim card if the phone is unlocked. Phones that are locked to a specific carrier will not work with other sim cards.

You can use a Vodafone SIM on a T Mobile phone as long as the phone is unlocked. If you are getting a message that says, "Invalid SIM Card" or "Incorrect SIM Card" when you insert your Vodafone SIM, then that means the phone is still locked to T Mobile, so you would need to unlock it first.

If you've locked your SIM card (by entering your code wrongly) - you need to contact your network provider on another phone - and ask them for your phone unlock key (PUK).

There should be no problem if you use a SIM card in an unlocked phone. If the phone is locked make sure the network is available to you.

if it is the same like at&t it will work unless its locked out.

Provided the handset is not locked to a network then yes.

Unlocked mans that it can take a sim card from any provider and still work. A locked phone will only work with a sim card from one specific provider.

Yes, you can unlock a phone that is SIM locked with the carrier by rooting it.

erm depends if its locked into a contract or not if it is be sure it is locked into the "3" network

It will, but only if the pay as you go SIM card actually works in the phone. Most phones these days tend to get locked to the network they were provided with, and sometimes even locked to the particular SIM they were provided with. Obviously, even if it does work OK, the monthly SIM will still need to be cancelled if you don't wish to continue paying for it.

If you intend to use the same company then yes you can use a prepaid sim If you phone is not locked to a network then yes you can change sim to any provider. If your phone is locked to a network you will either have to pay that network an unlocking fee.

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