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no way, i stayed home every nite since i was eight and its not a crime anyway. No. I have two children the exact same age. As long as they know where you are, what time you will be home, and how to get in touch with you.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-26 05:28:08
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Q: Can a single parent get in trouble for leaving their 11 and 15-year-old children home alone while they work at night?
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Can you get in trouble for leaving teenagers in a motel for a weekend with out parent supervision. Could the parent get in trouble for leaving them if they dont do anything wrong?

If they are under the age of 18, you certainly can. You are responsible for whatever they do while unsupervised.

Can you get in trouble for leaving home if your parent says you can live wherever you want?

No. If you have your parent's permission, then you can live with who you want.

Can a parent get in trouble for leaving 3 children under 12 at home overnight in Florida?

Yes. They need a sitter or someone to make sure that they'll be alright!!

Non custodial parent rights for children leaving country with custodial parent?

can't with the permission of the other parent or the court.

Can a 16 year old get in trouble for leaving the house without permission in florida?

Yes, by the parent

Do parents have to evict their children?

No, parents don't usually evict their children. Most children grow up and leave their parent's homes on their own. Over the years, children have started leaving their parent's homes later and later.

Can a non custodial parent get in trouble for leaving state?

Only in the rare instance where the court order specifically forbids it. However, leaving the state will not alter the NCP's child support obligation

Is it illegal for a parent to read their children's emails?

No, and as a matter of fact, it is a good idea for them to, in order to protect their children from pedophiles or other trouble they could get into.

If a parent smokes pot around her children could she get into trouble?

Well, they might, but in my opinion they shouldn't get them in to trouble as long as the kids had never come in contact with it, but if they are outside a safe range were they can't inhale it, then it's, technically, not parent abuse.

When a parent dies from dementia are the adult children from the first marriage entitled to anything from the estate if there is a will leaving everything to the wife and no kids from their marriage.?


How come parents don't get in trouble for kidnapping their own children?

Often they do. A parent can be charged with kidnapping if they take the child without the other parent's knowledge or consent or from a court appointed guardian.

Can a parent stop an adult leaving the country?

If that parent is a prosecuting attorney, he/she can have a judge impound an arestee's passport and prohibit them leaving the USA.

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