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No. As there is no insurable interest between brother & sister it is not possible to take a policy on an adult brother by his sister.

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Q: Can a sister hold a secret life insurance policy on an adult brother?
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Brother loans sister car. they do not live in same household. sister has accident should insurance cover other vehicle?

Should who's insurance cover who's car??? The Brother who owns the car will have to file the claim with his insurance policy. Insurance follows the car, not the driver. If you didn't have the Sister listed on the policy as a driver the company can deny the claim for material misrepresentation. Then you will have to pay the claim yourself.

If a brother and sister are living at the same address in Massachusetts is his car covered by his collision insurance if she drives it?

Only if he as a multiple driver policy. If not, then no, you would not be covered in the event of an accident. He could add you to his policy- just call the insurance company with the details. Not unless she is listed as atleast an occasional operator on his insurance policy.

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Can a sibling living in the same state as another sibling carry that sibling under their auto insurance policy if the car is in your sisters name?

Sure as an additional insured or driver under the policy. Note: a sibling is a brother or a sister.

Your sister got into an accident with your car and you don't have insurance she is listed under the parents insurance who pays?

Parent's policy pays

My sister may have collected on a life insurance policy that listed us both as beneficiaries what can i do?

Sue her and the life insurance company that paid her.

Your sister you own a car you have never owned a car or had insurance before so the insurance is in your sisters name because it is cheaper are you covered in case you are involved in an accident?

Unless you live with your sister and are sharing the insurance policy with your sister's car as well, you are commiting insurance fraud. If yours is the only vehicle the policy needs to be written in your name and based on your underwriting info, address, insurance history, credit history, etc. Rewrite the policy immediately. There is no sense in chancing something this important, it's better to pay an accurate rate and have your insurance work, then pay for hope.

Can a person get auto insurance on a auto if the auto is not in their name?

Answer 1: yes, my sister is borrowing my car and she her own insurance on it.Answer 2: You can always get insurance as an additional driver on another person's car insurance policy. Isn't that how children in the house are added to their parent's car insurance policy?

Does one pay income taxes on life insurance inherited from sister?

If you are the named beneficiary of your sisters life insurance policy then there is no tax. If her policy however paid into her estate and you inherited the funds, then it would be taxable.

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