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Yes. Even your US driver's license would be enough. Hawaii is in every sense a state of the US.

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Do you need green card to travel to Hawaii?

You do not need a greencard to travel to Hawaii. It is still part of the Unoted States of America :)

What does someone with a green card need to travel to and from Mexico?

Only his/her passport is required.

Can a Mexican citizen who has a Matricula but not a green card travel from California to Hawaii?

No. NTSA guidelines require a passport (foreign or US), US passport card, green card or US drivers license or non-drivers license.

Do you need a green card to go to Hawaii?

No, you do not need a Green Card to go to Hawaii unless you are NOT a US Citizen. It is in the Union, not outside the country. It is the same as traveling from Wyoming to Colorado. If you are not a US Citizen you will need a Green Card- the same rules that apply to the mainland apply to Hawaii.

Can you go to Hawaii without green card?


Can AS6 code green card holder travel out side US?

Yes You will need a passport or a travel document . I have green Card cat AS6

Do you need a green card to re enter the US flying from Hawaii?


Is green card capitalized?

No, the words green card are not capitalized. A green card is given to someone who is not native to the U.S. but wishes to stay in the country.

Can a green card holder go to grand turk?

yes they can. a green card holder can travel freely outside of the u.s.

Can a green card holder marry someone without one?

That depends on the motives of the green card holder ;)

Can a us permanent resident travel to Hawaii without passport?

Hawai'i is a US state, therefore no passport is needed for US citizens to travel to or from Hawai'i. Hawaii is part of the United States. Therefore, if you are a Citizen or a Permanent Resident(Green Card holder) you won't be needing a passport to go there. DL will do.

What documentation does a US Citizen need to travel to Hawaii?

A valid picture identification card.

Can you travel abroad with a green card?

Yes, you can. Depends though.

Where can you travel with the Green card?

Anywhere in USA. Its not a key to the World.

Do you need a green card to travel to USA?

No, only to live there

Can someone with a temporary green card join the military and become a citizen?

Know you have to be ten years green card holder...

Can I travel to Europe using my green card?

No you can't travel to Europe by using your Green Card..For that you need a valid visa to enter into the European Countries. In case if you travel via Cruiseship then you need not want Visa it seems..You can check with the travel agencies before proceedings..

Do you need a green card if you travel to US?

sometimes, not always, usually not.

Do green card holders need a passport to travel to the vietnams?


Can a legal resident travel outside the US?

Yes you can if you have a Green Card.

Can you travel to Mexico with stamp of temporary green card in passport?

Yes you can

Can you travel the US without a green card?

Yes, but you are likely to need a visa. You only need a green card if you are going to live or work in the US.

How long can a person travel with a green card?

You can travel within the US with a green card so long as it is valid. A green card is NOT a valid document for international travel outside the US. To travel outside the US, you will need a passport and possibly visas depending upon the passport you hold and the country you visit. Please check with the local embassy/consulate for the most up to date visa requirements for your country's passport prior to travel.

What if you do not use YOUR green card?

If you use someone else' green card, you are committing a major crime and may be jailed in federal prison.

Can a US green card holder travel to Canada with their Iranian passport without the visa?

Yes, you can. You just have to take your green card along with your Iranian passport.