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It can be. The sonogram was correct about the sex with my 3 kids.

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If a level 2 sonogram at 19 weeks tells you are having a girl what are the odds of it being wrong?

There is a small chance a sonogram is wrong at anytime in determining the sex of the baby, but it rarely happens. You are probably carrying a baby girl. The ultrasound tech. will usually not tell you the sex if they are not fairly certain.

When determining the sex of a baby should you trust a lab who tested the mother's blood for y chromosome or a sonogram?

The lab will be 100% accurate, a sonogram can only see so much and if the baby won't co-operate you are unable to see.

How many months do you have to be pregnant before you know the sex?

A sonogram can usually tell the sex of the baby by 4 months.

Is the boy sex of a baby at 20 weeks acuratte?

You mean with a Sonogram? They can make mistakes but not very often.

What is the sex determining region of the Y chromosome?

if there is a y chromosome the baby is a boy

How often is the sonogram tech wrong about the sex of the baby?

Usually they are very accurate, as long as the baby is cooperating and is in a good enough position to visualize well enough. It all depends on how well the technician can see. Yes, they are right most of the time. So it's not to common for them to be wrong and yes it depends on the visual they have. Sometimes the baby doesn't show well for most the pregnancy.

How does the X chromosome help in determining the sex of the baby?

It doesn't. We all have X chromosomes.

Are genes on chromosomes determine whether a baby is a boy or a girl?

The SRY ( sex determining region ) control gene on the male, Y, chromosome determines the sex of the fetus. Googly sex determining region for more info.

Can the sex of the baby change after being born?

Well, the baby can get a sex change when they get older. Or it is possible the ultrasound was wrong and it was a girl instead of a boy, or a boy instead of a girl.

Which gender in humans is responsible for determining the sex of offspring?

Men control the sex of the baby in humans. A female is XX and A male is XY, so a woman can only give X's while men can give X's or Y's determining if it is a male or female.

How many weeks of pregnancy before you can tell the sex of the baby?

With a sonogram: At 24 weeks almost always, at 18 weeks, only if you're lucky. With amniocentesis at about 12 weeks (but higher risk).

Is it bad to identify the sex of the unborn child?

Only if you don't want to know. Even with the ultrasound the result can be the wrong one or the baby turn so you can't see, but there are other tests such as amniocentesis or chorioamniotic villous sampling that get samples of the baby's DNA and are extremely accurate. True, but no one will do the amniocentesis considering the risks just to find out the sex. For illnesses etc but not for that. In that same vein, ultrasound isn't done just to find out the sex of the baby. It is done to look for any abnormalities in the fetus. Determining the sex is just a bonus.

How can you tell the sex of the baby?

You can tell the sex of a baby by its DNA.

What is a chromosome that is not directly involved in determining sex?


When can a sonogram determine the babys sex?

The most accurate time is between 18-22 weeks. Anything before 18 weeks is more of a guess, and anything after 22 weeks the baby might be too big to see between the knees.

How do you know that gays and lesbians aren't gay and it's just that straight people are attracted to the wrong sex?

No one can be attracted to the wrong sex because there is no such thing as the wrong sex. If someone is attracted to the same sex, they are gay. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

How is the sex of the baby decided?

The sperm cell determines the sex of the baby.

What chromosomes in a karyotype determine the sex of a unborn baby?

sex chromosomes determine the sex of an unborn baby.

What are chromosomes not directly involved in determining the sex of an individual?


What chromosomes is not directly involved in determining the sex of an organism are?


What are chromosome not directly involved in determining the sex of an indiviual?


Can an ultrasound tell the sex of a baby at 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant?

It truly depends on the type of ultrasound equipment used by your physician. Most equipment can determine sex by the 16th week of pregnancy. Many newer machines, which show clearer pictures, can show the sex much earlier. It is not impossible to tell the sex of a fetus at 15 weeks. Just remember that ultrasounds are not always 100% accurate and that determining sex depends on the cooperation of your baby!

What sex position improves your chances of having a baby boy?

Sex positions have got nothing to do with the sex of the baby.

How can you determine what gender is your baby?

if the baby is in the right position a sonographer can usually tell what the sex is at your 22 week sonogram. they say if you carry the baby high it is a girl and if you carry a baby low it is a boy. that was how it was for me , but i wouldn't rely on it. with my son i carried really low and all out front and with my daughter i carried high and wide( she is the reason i now have love handles) also alot of women "just know". trust your instincts!!!!

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