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Q: Can a southern painted turtle live with a Mississippi map if so can they both live with a sailfin plecostomus?
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What is the difference between a sailfin plec and a common plec?

The fins are larger on the sailfin...but almost all the "common plecos" (Hypostomus plecostomus) on the market are actually sailfin plecos (Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps).

When was Sailfin molly created?

Sailfin molly was created in 1821.

When was Sailfin corydoras created?

Sailfin corydoras was created in 1913.

When was Weber's Sailfin Lizard created?

Weber's Sailfin Lizard was created in 1911.

What are fish that start with the letters d p and g?

dannys, dalmation sailfin mollies, dwarf gouramis, gold barbs, gold gouramis, green tiger barb, guppies, panda cory, pigeon blood discus, panda oranda goldfish, goldfish, plecostomus

Where does a sailfin in captivity need to lay ie substrate to use and behavior she exhibits?

Sailfin what? Blenny? Tang?

Do sailfin dragon need to be misted?


What is the Local name of Sailfin Lizard?


What is the scientific name of Philippine Sailfin Lizard?

Hydrosaurus pustulatus

What is paraxecotoeus brachypterous also known as?

Parexecotoeus brachypterous is also known as a sailfin flyingfish.

Are sailfin dragons good pets Ik that there rare and hard to get and I wouldn't be getting one for a very long time but I just wanted to know if there good pets and how to take proper care of them?

Sailfin Dragons are well known for being receptive to human handling. You can find care information on

What is a fish a herbivore?

Here are some (but obviously not all, since not all types of fish are even known to man) types of herbivorous fish:Achilles SurgeonfishSohal SurgeofishVlamingii (Blue-spotted Unicornfish)Clown SurgeonfishIndian ocean Sailfin TangSpotted RabbitfishBrown sailfin (Scopas tang)Chevron TangPurple Tang (Emperor Tang)Orange Shoulder Surgeonfishcheese helps people